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It’s “a business about people” and other things you don’t practice.

All companies say “our people are what make us special”. A cliché banded around recruitment is that “it’s a business about people.”

I do not disagree with these statements.  In fact, having been a recruitment consultant myself, I know them to be true.  What I do disagree with is how you are marketing this message. 

How much do recruitment organisations market their people?  With most agencies not that much.  There are two main reasons for this;
1) Managers don’t trust their employees,
2) If a person leaves they take their “brand” with them.

What should you be doing as a business?

You need to have faith in your people.  Offer individuals both the support and tools to get their message across online.  If you trust them to pick up the phone to a client and you trust them to email a candidate, then you should trust them to represent themselves and your business online.  Most people want to be rewarded financially for a job well done, but many just want to be shown that they are doing a good job.  If you market a consultant as an expert you are telling them that you believe in them.  This can be as valuable as a bonus or a pay rise in many cases. 
What can you do to help market your stars?

Your consultants spend the whole day selling themselves to prospective candidates and clients.  They try to impress everyone with their market knowledge, expertise and demonstrate how much they know about their industry.  These bits of information are gold dust.  Get them to share these to a wider market and they become a goldmine. 


What tools do you give them?
With online marketing there are so many tools that consultants can use on a day to day basis to help get their message across.   Social media is perfect!  If your consultants aren’t on LinkedIn then they should be.  Get them to post up relevant information to their network.  Advise them to share content, news, articles they have read in LinkedIn groups

Twitter is a fantastic way of spurting out little bite size chunks of knowledge.  Get your consultants to have an account where they can share stuff.  If you have consultants is passionate about other things beside just recruitment, and they aren’t socially inept, let them share this with their clients/candidates.  Allow them to mix business with pleasure in their Twitter stream – after all it is called social-networking. 


Social networks allow your business to go from being This Corporate Company to a business that is made up of its people.  This injection of personality could make the difference between being the third person a line manager calls when they need a role filling, to the first on the list.

About the Author

Alex Charreadeau

Alex was with 4MAT for 5 years as a Website Consultant having come from a recruitment background. He has experience in recruiting for one of the UK’s leading high-street agencies as well as a specialized marketing and communication consultancy. He understands the challenges that both small and large recruitment organizations face.

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