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Maximise opportunities in recruitment through mobile optimised email

Following one of my previous blog posts on the effective use of email in recruitment it appears another top tip needs to be included.

As we can see from the below infographic, the amount of emails opened on mobile devices is now more than that on desktop and webmail with opens on mobile devices increasing by 80% in the last six months (before April 2012).

This means that not only does the email need to be mobile friendly but also any website landing pages also need to be built with mobile in mind. 

Most recruitment agencies are already engaging in daily email marketing through job alerts but if users cannot view the job without a lot of pinching and pulling then users will leave and probably view the next email which may be from a competitor with nicely mobile optimised website resulting in a lost business opportunity.

For more informaition on how 4MAT can help, please feel free to drop me a line at or follow my Twitter account @Andrew_Linton for regualr industry updates.

About the Author

Andrew Linton

Andrew used to be one of 4MAT’s Account Managers and a regular blogger. He has since moved on to new opportunities.

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