Recruitment agencies: You’re already being judged. Are you aware of how?

From my recent meetings with various recruitment agencies I’ve noticed a great variation in their attitudes towards marketing. Whilst some are advocates and hungry for recent trends such as the use of QR Codes, Relevant content and banners on the website to the specific pages, mobile recruitment and social media, others aren’t so keen, unconvinced by the ROI of newer trends and will take longer to be convinced, if at all. They might argue that they’re naturally more risk adverse and will wait to see what others do first.

I would agree that the best marketing approach will always depend upon the specific company, industry and market in question. I would also suggest  that recruitment agencies, at the very least, are aware of the latest recruitment marketing and technology developments as well as what their competitors are up to and how they may be perceived by their stakeholders; candidates, clients, prospective employees and inventors.

4MAT’s MD James Saunders recently attended the mobile recruitment conference in San Francisco mRecruiting Camp. One interesting thing he said in his feedback was: “the reality is you already have a mobile recruitment website whether you like it or not”
So regardless of whether you believe in investing in a mobile optimised recruitment website or not, your stakeholders could be on your website, on their mobile device, judging you right now. This could mean a missed CV conversion, a client or prospective employee put off. Indeed you could argue that it’s riskier not to have a mobile optimised recruitment website.

Looking at hundreds of recruitment websites every week I see a huge range in the quality of websites and marketing. Internal discussions at 4MAT across our 150+ recruitment clients, means knowing what makes a recruitment website work from an ROI perspective. It’s clear that some agencies are letting themselves down. Often I will see a beautifully designed website that you can’t easily find or apply for a job on. There are highly functional websites that are nowhere to be seen on the search engines; very decent organisations that aren’t represented accurately on their website often suffering from: a lack engaging content and little enhancement of credibility or differentiation from their competition.

It may sound obvious but with online recruitment marketing it’s important that the right people are given the responsibility for the right jobs. It’s safe to assume that most people probably wouldn’t have their builders do their interior design. Yet so often recruitment agency’s websites look and feel like they may have been creatively designed by someone focused on the ‘techy’ aspects. Aesthetically they’re undynamic and there’s no relevant content to the individual user to enhance the users’ website experience.  The candidate journey is one dimensional rather than engaging and keeping them on the website and encouraging them to recommend friends.

Or as noted before, a great looking website where you can’t find jobs effectively, seems as though the functionality was put together by a ‘creative’.  The website may grab you at first but you actually end up with a negative impression of the organisation due to the frustration of not being able to find the role you’re looking for with ease.

More than ever recruiters need to strive to show their added value in times of economic disruption. Those that don’t invest in their online presence as part of a risk adverse strategy may actually be being more risky as result. Of course it’s an investment, due diligence needs to take place and as part of this I would strongly advocate getting the right people to do the right jobs.

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