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Nick Chapsas

Web Developer
Nick Chapsas, Web Developer, 4MAT
Nick Chapsas
Nick joined in December 2015 as a web developer and currently works within our Development Team. 

With only purpose to escape his mother’s dominance, Nick finished school as soon as he could and went on to study Software Engineering at the University of Greenwich. 

After completing his degree, he went back to Greece to do National Army service and ended up back in London where he joined 4MAT.

He was introduced to programming, following a game development forum back at 2008, and has been hooked since!

Nick taught himself Java, which led to him finding a passion for developing and learning new technologies.

Outside of the office,  you can find him listening to music and developing all kinds of stuff for the sake of learning more and more about development.

He loves playing his guitars, or the piano, and sometimes refers to himself in third person.


Greek summers, guitars, coding, music, snipery, cooking for friends, coffee, Chinese food, stand-up comedy, bonfires at the beach, rum and mojitos


Cynical people, people that answer "Not too bad" after you ask them how they are. Just say "I'm good damn it!"

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