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The Aim

Fircroft commissioned 4MAT in 2016 to build a new website platform that would boost their digital presence as one of the leading recruiters in their market. The aim was to create a website that would showcase Fircroft’s innovation in the market place, whilst supporting their goal to illustrate their diversification into other sectors. The website was to be aesthetically beautiful, innovative, have genuine personality and be forward thinking in its functionality and appearance, whilst also being easy to manage for the Fircroft marketing team. It needed to have a sprinkling of magic to separate it from the competition.

The Method

4MAT undertook brand development work at the beginning of the project to build upon the heritage that sits behind the Fircroft brand. The challenge was to take a traditional brand and develop it further in three key areas:

  • developing the visual appearance of the sectors the business operates in by expanding the Fircroft colour palette and introducing iconography
    • introducing imagery that would become synonymous with Fircroft and their presence in the market
    • introducing a new motif that could be used across both online and offline collateral

    The team at 4MAT based the imagery concept around sourcing stunning, impactful imagery that focused on the intensity of the moment, whilst introducing a new colour and iconography system to give each new sector their own identity. The F shape represents the beginning of Fircroft and refers to the heritage of the Fircroft brand, through repetition they will become recognised by the shape itself.

    The Results

    From sitemap and content planning, through to wireframes and video concepts, every piece of the website has been considered and tailored to exceed expectations of what a recruitment website should be. The animations of the blogs, down to the speed of the mouseover effects all culminate to one of the most innovative recruitment websites in the market.

    You can view the Fircroft website at If you'd like to hear about how the team at 4MAT can help you, contact us below.

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