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IDEX Consulting

The Aim

IDEX Consulting, a recruitment and talent management consultancy specialising in finding and hiring talent for the General Insurance, Financial Services and Legal sectors, wanted to upgrade their website and marketing plan to better reflect their innovative strategy and enhance the strength of their brand within the market.

The new website would highlight IDEX’s creative, professional and more modern way of working- which they felt their old website was unable to do. The old website was not only unsuitable for bolstering their reputation as a market leader, but it also produced less ROI and looked outdated. The new website aimed to improve user experience and generate more leads, along with being better placed to generate relevant and useful data for analysis.

4MAT was also requested to help IDEX develop a new, streamlined marketing strategy, encompassing better planning and marketing decision making, as well as measuring ROI on their marketing activity. This would better allow IDEX to build their reputation and generate client leads and candidate applications.

The Method

To accommodate IDEX’s desire to create a professional, user-facing website, 4MAT created a bold visual design that incorporated the brand’s colours, as well as an easy-to-use navigation bar that would make it easy for job seekers to search for jobs and use the site. We also included our market-leading predictive search bar, which uses cutting-edge functionality to ensure that job seekers find content and jobs related to what they’re searching for in real time.

4MAT also created a website design that foregrounded staff members, building integrated consultant profiles that provided job seekers with a consultant’s contact details, which would also link to jobs they were managing and content that they had written. In addition to creating a friendly, engaged outlook for the website, the inclusion of a Knowledge Centre also made it easy for clients and candidates to browse IDEX’s blogs and services, increasing engagement as a result.

4MAT also provided an interim Marketing Manager for IDEX, helping them deliver a strategy through which they could make the most use of the monthly three-blog Content Plan that 4MAT was delivering alongside the new website.

The Results

In the month since IDEX’s new website has gone live, the site has seen a marked improvement in multiple areas, with a 70% increase in traffic, a 204% increase in their conversion rate and even a 25% increase in their Google Organic traffic.

The response from IDEX has also been very positive, with Matt Green, IDEX’s Chief Executive Officer, saying that 4MAT’s employees ‘listen, advise, comprehend and then provide ideas and solutions – but then they also actually deliver on what they promise (which in my opinion is rare). All of the employees of 4MAT who we dealt with during the project have been polished, enthusiastic and solutions focused’.

4MAT will continue working in a strategic partnership with IDEX, helping them to develop a focussed marketing strategy, and providing guidance as it is implemented, and the results are measured, over the next 12 months.

If you'd like to hear about how the team at 4MAT can help you, contact us below.

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