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Andrew Todos

Account Executive
Andrew Todos, Account Executive, 4MAT
Andrew Todos
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Andrew joined 4MAT as an intern in October 2018, having graduated from the University of Birmingham, where he had completed a degree in International Relations that same year. Before going to University, Andrew worked in retail for an American clothing brand. With the company originating in the US, they were heavily focused on customer service and satisfaction. As a result, Andrew engaged with many customers and clients face to face on a daily basis, assisting them with their requests and ensuring they had had a great customer experience. Whilst at University, Andrew used his initiative and creative flair to sell clothing that he had personally designed.

In his pursuit of a role that incorporated both a strong customer service based approach and the ability to use his creative endeavor, Andrew chose Project Management as the next step in his career path.


Football and blogging about it, fashion design, sushi and travelling


Wasabi, busy tube trains and gyms
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