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Attrax: The smart careers website system

Top talent won’t wait for your ATS.

The value of top talent remains priceless. Beyond the immediate challenge of attraction, a good careers website should offer candidates an excellent user experience, as well as functionality that engages users and strengthens your employer brand, before taking them to the next step of their user journey.


Attrax is optimised to convert interested browsers into talented job applicants.

Endlessly customisable, and optimised to display and rank highly on Google, our smart careers website platform provides you with regular software updates, ensuring your website will stay ahead of the market for years to come.

Our advanced features and functionality let you create a user experience that engages and attracts the right talent you need.


A seamless ATS integration can improve application rates by 50%.

Attrax works with your ATS, making sure jobs are not hidden from Google and other search engines.

Our world-beating platform provides candidates with a seamless application, improving conversions by at least 50%.

Given that 70% of all job hunts start on Google, our smart integration will give you that boost to rocket ahead of the competition.

  • Media hub
  • Social Hub
  • Personalisation
  • Google for jobs
  • Total search
  • Increase engagement

    With blogs/articles/news in one place, you engage active and passive users with content in an easy-to-access way that encourages applications.

  • Connect recruiters to candidates

    Provide passive and active candidates with a point of contact, with staff profiles that put your team front and centre.

  • Increase application rates

    Provide candidates with jobs and content that are tailored to them, based on their browsing history and recruitment needs.

  • Attract and source the best talent

    Attrax works with your ATS to make your website easily searchable on Google, boosting your SEO and promoting your jobs.

  • Lightning-fast results

    Our Total Search bar collates and displays related keywords, content and jobs in real time as the user types, which means that it takes fewer clicks to get where you want, in no time at all.

First-class CMS

  • Drag and drop

    Content management, which allows you to create a new page, fast.

  • Lead Generation

    Capture candidates with our form builder and use banner targeting to target viewers depending on their interests and location.

  • Images

    Are automatically optimised for your website, as well as Instagram-style filters which lets you add your own touch. which allows you to create a new page, fast.

  • Layouts

    Templates to edit pages across your site, in real-time.

  • Preview

    Content management, View your page on multiple screen sizes.

  • Navigation

    Instantly edit your navigation to suit your needs.

Become a leading recruitment brand with Attrax

Our Smart Recruitment Website Platform is a product designed to keep up with a rapidly-changing market and offer a bespoke experience to our clients and their candidates so you can become a leading recruitment brand.

Be part of the future with Attrax.

Attract – the best candidates

Engage – with relevant and personalised content

Convert – with an outstanding user experience

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