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Barclay Simpson

The Aim

Established since 1989, Barclay Simpson has a long and rich history as a leading corporate governance recruitment consultancy. An established company within the recruitment sector, they wanted a brand and website that would reflect that pedigree, and reflect their modern outlook to the recruitment sector that had seen them re-establish their base of operations in the UK and America, whilst moving away from the Middle East and Asia.

To solve this, they turned to longtime partner 4MAT to create a recruitment website that would give browsers a user experience to impress and convert candidates from all over the world.

The Method

4MAT started by building Barclay Simpson a top-of-the-range recruitment website, which was then swiftly followed by a realisation that, in order to showcase Barclay Simpson to the best advantage, a re-brand would be necessary.

To do this, 4MAT conducted a thorough review and reinvention of the Barclay Simpson brand, with the aim of making the design more modern and relevant, while at the same time showcasing Barclay Simpson’s rich heritage.

Barclay Simpson wanted to be bold, and push boundaries with their new brand; they wanted a logo that would instantly stand out in the market. To do this, 4MAT kept the company’s traditional colour of orange and added different shades to it, juxtaposing it with black to give the whole website a professional feel. With its black-and-white photos, and angular display, the new website would look and feel premium- and this new brand was then carried further as 4MAT designed Barclay Simpson’s logos, letterheads and even stationery to reflect this new tone.

In addition to this, 4MAT also went back to basics, conducting meetings with stakeholders and senior management to develop a set of visions and values for Barclay Simpson employees to adhere to, which would further help them develop their brand.

The completed website not only reflected this new brand, but contains a social hub, which foregrounds recruiter profiles and makes it easy for prospective candidates to get in touch; 4MAT’s world-beating Total Search, which delivers jobs and content in real time as the browser types, and personalisation that shows related blogs and content depending on a user’s browser history. This, combined with the clear, comprehensive site layout, made for an excellent candidate user experience. 

The Results

Since Barclay Simpson’s new website went live, the results have been unquestionably positive. In the first full month since the site was launched, the conversion rate increased by 5%, while the conversions themselves doubled. 4MAT also performed a comprehensive SEO migration from the old site to the new which meant that Google Organic Traffic to the site actually increased after it went live, alongside ensuring that the site is Google-for-Jobs optimised.

Have a look at Barclay Simpson’s new website now.


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