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4MAT Insights: Matt Lasky

Written by Warren Davidson on 17 Dec 15
4MAT Insights: Matt Lasky

As part of our 4MAT Insights series on the Management Team, we speak to our Head of Creative, Matt Lasky. This month, we discuss upcoming design trends and the future of web design. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Matt Lasky (ML): I am the Head of Design at 4MAT! I originally I came to 4MAT to assume creative responsibility, but over last few years, I’ve become heavily involved in the UX side of things. 

I love working with talented designers, watching them grow and blossom – it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see how creative their work can be! I love clients who are passionate about their brands and I personally love everything about the user experience (UX) side of things with regards to website creation/design!

What's an average day, in the 4MAT office, like for you?

ML: The average day, for me, is spinning many plates!

It really does vary: I could be having a Management Team meeting, talking to a client, interviewing someone, working on a wire frame, be at a pitch, reviewing analytics, working on branding to doing some design work. 

What's your favourite part of the Design process?

ML: I think it would have to be the Discovery phase because that’s where we do all of our research and brainstorming sessions and interact where possible with target audience. Then we come back to the client with our suggestions to consult/collaborate on the best course of action that we can take for their project.

Earlier this year you wrote a piece about the Top Five Design Trends to watch out for in 2015. What trends do you think will be big in 2016?

ML: In 2016, I think that content marketing will continue to grow in strength, but that there will be an emphasis on relevant content being produced. I firmly believe that mobile is still going to be massive, as more and more websites will continue to be designed with a mobile first approach in mind. 

Another thing that we should all be looking out for is Google Material Design. If you really think about it, mobile isn't tactile or contain enough elements which make it look and feel natural. The concept is all about how things interact naturally and how designers can highlight this element across a variety of devices. 

Design wise, it means that things will look more realistic and actually feel like an interaction. So when you do touch a button on a mobile screen, instead of it changing colour, (which doesn’t feel that natural) it will look as though you've actually pressed a button. 

It's mini interactions, like this, which make a big difference UX-wise and manage to make a mobile feel more interactive.

Why do you think so many employers and recruitment companies feel reluctant to produce video content?

ML: I think a lot of them are worried about budget and working out how they should be spending their budget and if it should be going on video content or elsewhere. 

What are the benefits of video content that many employers and recruitment companies are currently missing out on? 

ML: You can look at a photo and understand it perfectly, but, a video has more layers to it. Therefore video content has the potential to be more emotive, resonate better with an audience and might even result in more users coming to a particular website. 

Video content can be whatever a company wants; an internal one or just embracing videoing in general! This includes things like stock videos - but putting your own spin on it - which can be quite exciting! 

A major benefit of having video content is that it can help increase the bounce rate on websites. This is because people would enjoy the experience more by seeing more animation and movement.

As a result of this, websites can become stickier and people will be more likely to share a video simply because it’s visually more exciting.

What can we expect from you and the Design Team in the New Year?

ML: The Design Team is currently heavily involved in the UX side of new products that 4MAT are  bringing out. Right now, I can’t really give too much away! But all I can say is this: watch this space!

How can we help?

At 4MAT, we create experience rich, fully functional and bespoke websites for employers and agencies which are designed to provide candidates with a great user experience. 

To see how we can help to improve online user experience ((UX) for your company please contact us on +44(0)20 7247 9494 and speak with a member of our Client Development Team.

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