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4MAT partner Aspire launch real-time Digital Salary Guide

Written by Fay Pullen on 23 Jan 15
4MAT partner Aspire launch real-time Digital Salary Guide

One of 4MAT’s clients has brought an innovative, market-leading Digital Salary Guide to the recruitment industry.

Using real-time data from over 73,000 candidates and over 10,000 jobs, the salary guide enables clients and candidates alike to access information relevant to their industry with an unparalleled level of relevance and accuracy.

Static, research-based salary guides typically begin losing relevance the moment they are published. With Aspire’s Digital Salary Guide, the data is updated on a real-time basis, ensuring the data is the most up-to-date information available. The salary guide covers the following digital sectors:

  •  – Client Services
  •  – Content
  •  – Creative
  •  – Design & Branding
  •  – Data & Analytics
  •  – Digital & Performance Media
  •  – Events
  •  – IP
  •  – Marketing
  •  – Research & Insight
  •  – Sales
  •  – Strategy, Media Planning & Buying
  •  – Technology

Not only is the real-time salary benchmark provided, but relevant jobs are posted alongside the data, as well as the information for the Aspire’s recruitment manager for that particular sector. This provides an unprecedented level of lead generation from interested clients or candidates.

Built on 4MAT technology, the Digital Salary Guide is unique in the recruitment sector. There are no PDFs to sift through, no registration forms to fill out and no waffle to read before accessing the data clients and candidates actually want.

You can check Aspire’s Digital Salary Guide out here.

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