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5 Amazingly Simple Tips on How to Write the Perfect Recruitment Blog

Written on 27 Mar 14
5 Amazingly Simple Tips on How to Write the Perfect Recruitment Blog

Don’t write another recruitment blog until you see this!

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

So said Ernest Hemingway. Typewriters have been replaced by keyboards and, with the advent of social media, the blood flows faster than ever.

People often complain of how they know just what they want to say in a blog, but they cannot put it into words without sounding aloof/casual/boring/nonsensical (delete as appropriate).

As recruitment agencies (finally!) start using social media more often to reach their audience, writing the perfect blog could be the difference between attracting and losing potential clients.

So just how do you write a perfect recruitment blog? Here are our 5 tips:

1. Pick a Tone of Voice

Who said that just because it’s written, your blog can’t have a tone of voice? Do you want your blog to read like a presidential address? Or would you rather The Beano? Hint: Neither will work.

Instead, strike a balance. You want to be fun but not immature. Likewise, you want to be professional but not corporate. Try saying ‘Good morning, readers!’ rather than ‘Dear clients’. It’s a no-brainer.

2. Be Social

Nothing puts off potential clients more than soullessness. Social media is designed to be social. Do you reflect that in your blog? What’s the point in writing a blog if you’re just going to talk about figures?

Providing context, evaluating relevant topics and challenging yourself to write original content will mark your recruitment blogs out as worth reading and sharing – an easy way to expand your reach and boost your SEO.

3. Connect with your audience

Reach out! Guess what? That person looking at your website is a human being. As are you (hopefully). Make that connection. How was your last company social? What do you do to ensure your staff are happy?

 Let your clients know you aren’t a faceless set of recruiters; if you create an emotive bond between you and your client, there’s a high likelihood of repeat custom. A lot of recruitment agencies overlook the importance of loyalty – get ahead of them by not making the same mistake.

4. Engage with them

Are you aiming to be the number one graduate recruitment agency? Have your graduate staff write articles! Be proactive. Let your readers know what you’ve been doing and ask your readers open-ended questions – keeping them thinking about you is a sure-fire way to stop them searching for other recruitment agencies.

5. Don’t forget to sell yourself

Are you a specialist recruitment agency? In your next blog, tell your readers about the amazing things you do which sets you apart from other agencies.
Do you want to be the best in energy recruitment? Write blogs demonstrating an active interest in the topical issues surrounding the area. If your clients believe you to be the best, they’ll be more likely to consider your offers rather than those of your rival.

Alternatively, you could take the stress out of the whole thing and pass it across to the experts. Our Content Marketing Team are already helping our clients to create engaging and relevant content for their websites and getting them a great response in the process.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us.

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