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5 ways to harness the potential of your recruitment blog

Written by Warren Davidson on 20 Nov 18
5 ways to harness the potential of your recruitment blog
Though it’s easy to overlook, your recruitment agency’s blog can actually be a hugely valuable asset to your business. With content marketing becoming an ever-more accepted and prominent way of gaining traffic and business- indeed, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing, and costs 62% less- it’s time to make the most of the best free resource on your website.

From tapping the expertise of your recruitment consultants to formatting your blogs in a more readable way, here are some ways you can maximise conversions and increase awareness of your brand.

Use calls to action

Your blog might be well written, but you need to capitalise on any great content by including calls to action in the text. They can take the form of buttons, or simply some text at the end of the page inviting readers to subscribe or updates. Either way, including a CTA will ensure that casual browsers stay on your website, and will continue their user journey, ultimately applying for a job. 

Find out what makes a good CTA in our blog here. 

Get your team involved

Even if you have a marketing team whose job it is to write great content, tapping your recruitment consultants for information is one of the best ways to create shareable insights into your chosen recruitment sector. By asking some of your consultants to get involved, they’ll be able to contribute their expert insights, and they’ll also be a lot more motivated when it comes to the success of the blog: they’ll share it on their social channels and drive traffic back to the site. Not only that, it’ll show potential clients and candidates that you’re an inclusive, involved business.

Share news 

Your company blog can also be a great way of humanising your business and giving candidates a better idea of who you are, and what you stand for. Share your news: whether you’re celebrating the achievements of an intern in the office, a candidate success story or even a job anniversary, make sure to include them. It’ll make you seem more approachable and friendly, and help to build your brand as a place that candidates would feel comfortable getting in touch with- whether it's with a job application or to ask questions. In addition, given that 80% of business owners would prefer to receive information about a company through articles rather than advertisements, it’s also a great way of reaching out and expanding your influence in the market. 

Be helpful and informative

One of the main reasons that potential candidates will browse your blog is to find insights into their dream industry, and on how to secure a job within it. Give them what they need to know: give them tips for acing an interview, or on how to tailor their CV for a job in their chosen industry. Even better, include profile pieces from recruiters talking them through the recruitment process, so that any potential candidates will know what to expect from it. Offer think pieces on the state of the industry and any new trends; the more informative and helpful you are, the more likely it is that potential applicants will come to see you as a trusted source of information and start browsing for jobs. 

Get innovative

Almost 60% of marketers reuse content two to five times: why not do the same? Your blog could be a goldmine of information going back years. With a quick refresh and by updating some links and references, it could easily be used again to attract more candidates. 
By combining a savvy content-marketing strategy with the power of social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll be well on your way to gathering leads and increasing traffic to your site- and to your blog.

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