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A Day in the Life of: a Project Manager

Written by Alex Rodger on 29 Jul 15
A Day in the Life of: a Project Manager

Senior Project Manager Alex Rodger gives an insight into how he works to delight our clients.

Where to start! I try to get to the office a good hour or so early, so that I can check what emails have come in overnight. With clients operating in Singapore, Russia and Australia (to name a few), my inbox is always ticking over. I look to answer any queries first thing so that my clients have answers in their inbox by the time they get to the office.

Once that’s done, I’ll put the coffee machine on and review the work I have scheduled for the day. I make sure my designers, integrators and developers have everything they need, as well as checking the status of any project work our Marketing Services team are working on.

I’ll often have on-site, off-site or WebEx meetings, where I’ll be presenting creative work or the particular stage of a website project to clients – I usually have these a couple times a week, so it’s vital that I understand exactly what’s going on in all areas of the project.

Throughout the day, I’ll receive emails from colleagues and clients regarding the projects I’m working on. I’ll make sure my clients know I’m looking into their queries and then review internally or carry out the work needed – good communication is critical! I’ll keep an eye on work that’s being done by the developers and integrators so that I can give my clients status updates as often as necessary. My objective is for them to know that I have the work under control and not have to worry about the status of work – as I’ll have beaten them to it with an update!

Towards lunchtime, I’ll take some time away from my desk to eat, catch up and have a game of table football with the team – it’s my mission to beat Andrew Law someday!

In the afternoon, I might have some complex questions from the account executives so I’ll work with them to solve them or give guidance on any queries.

Any free time doesn’t get wasted – I’ll work on reviewing the time we spend projects, looking at ways we can increase our efficiency and/or make our work of an even higher quality. We strive to improve in everything we do so it’s important to take honest learnings from every project and turn them into processes that lead to improvements, greater efficiency or delighting our clients as much as possible.

I’ll try and wrap things up by 6pm, but before that I’ll review the work completed that day and reschedule anything that was missed. I’ll also plan work for the next day to make sure I know what needs doing and what project milestones are upcoming – it makes the mornings more straightforward, leaving more time for coffee!

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