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APSCo Northern Business Forum: The Age of Disruption

Written by Warren Davidson on 07 Oct 15
APSCo Northern Business Forum: The Age of Disruption
In an increasingly digitised world, it can often feel confusing (and daunting) for recruiters to keep up with the latest trends, pieces of tech and savvy marketing strategies, let alone implement them into their business models!

On Thursday 1st October 2015, my colleague, Client Development Director, Andrew Soane  and I attended APSCo's Northern Business Forum, in Manchester.

We each gave a presentation about Client Acquisition 3.0 - "The Age of Disruption" to show recruiters the importance of content marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital advertising and other methods to create effective marketing strategies to generate leads.

Before the event officially began, there was a meet and greet - which was a great way to network over a coffee!

The afternoon was comprised of two main presentations - one by APSCo on the latest legislative changes on employment and then 4MAT's presentation on Client Acquisition 3.0. 

Andrew spoke about the dramatic transformation that marketing has undergone in the past decade and why it is, now more than ever, increasingly important for marketers and recruiters to pay attention to their target audiences and tailor their marketing strategies in accordance to their online behaviours. 

I spoke about the benefits of digital (programmatic) advertising and how recruiters can put this into practice using methods and tools such as SEO, content marketing strategies, using job aggregators, paid advertising and more. 

Following the presentations, there were three round table discussions, where Andrew and I each chaired a table. Those attending were able to directly interact with us, ask questions, learn more about developing personas for their target audiences and how to tackle paid advertising. 

I thought that the event was well organised and comfortable enough for everyone to participate in without feeling stifled. I particularly enjoyed discussing the power of Client Acquisition 3.0 and marketing! 

Event Co-ordinator and Chair of the Northern Business Forum, Liz Prince said, "There were lots of discussions and I felt like everyone in the room had learnt something new - which is what we wanted!" 

Andrew thought that it was a very good turnout, given how busy October tends to be, and believed that the event continued to show how relevant APSCo is in championing the big issues that currently face recruiters.

He added: "It's excellent to see that APSCo is very much alive and kicking in the North - and not just present in London and the South-East."

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