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Content Marketing: You're Doing it Wrong

Written by Emma Smith on 17 Feb 16
Content Marketing: You're Doing it Wrong
Content marketing is no new kid on the block. 

Despite many organisations still trying to catch up with the rise and rise of this powerful form of marketing, it actually dates back decades. 

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute tracks its origins all the way back to 4200 B.C., when it’s believed custom publications were included in cave paintings.

With such an extensive history, and documented success stories, there’s no excuse for getting content marketing wrong - but why are so many businesses still falling behind?

Talk with your audience, not at them

Content marketing is about more than just trying to boost your rankings in Google. At its core, it’s a method of starting a conversation with audiences and potential customers and clients, and it’s at its best when it gets a response.

That means engaging with and encouraging responses from your readers, rather than simply churning out articles in the hope that someone’s reading them.

The first step is figuring out who your target audience is, what their interests are and what’s going to appeal to them most in terms of content.

Audience personas can help with this, from which you can develop your tone of voice and identify the types of content you’ll produce. 

Once you start creating content aligned with these interest, pay close attention to the response you get.

Dig as far into your tracking metrics as you can to learn from things such as click-through rates, time spent on the page and sign-ups, evaluating why your more successful pieces of content have done better than others. 

Social media is your best friend when it comes to speaking with your readers, as it creates a direct audience link that can be used to foster relationships and reach out to people instantly.

Promote your content on these channels, respond to comments, encourage sharing and engagement and your strategy will thrive.

It’s not going to sell itself

You can tick all the boxes in the Content Marketing 101 handbook – creating a plan, scheduling in regular posting, mixing up content types - but still fail to achieve positive results if you fall down on one little thing: promotion.

Content Marketing is about so much more than simply creating the content.

It’s all very well to write and publish an exceptional blog or infographic, but it’s going to do absolutely nothing for your brand if it simply sits behind a landing page with no promotion whatsoever.

How will anyone read it if they don’t know it exists?

Any Content Marketing strategy worth its salt will factor in Content Marketing promotion.

There are a plethora of channels you can utilise to do so, including an array of social media sites just begging for some attention, and plenty of these methods won’t cost you a cent.

Of course, if you’re serious about gaining traction with your content promotion it is a good idea to invest in some paid advertising, but you don’t need anything more to get started than a social media account and a plan. 

What’s your strategy?

Still searching for the reason why your Content Marketing isn’t performing as you’d hoped? Take a look at your strategy - if you have one. 

As discussed last month, those organisations with a structured and documented content marketing strategy see better results than those who simply ‘wing it’.

The takeaway from this? It’s like a good old-fashioned goal setting session. Document your goals, set your targets and then figure out how you’re going to reach them.

How can we help?

If - horror- you’re not even using Content Marketing, let alone ready to create a robust strategy for it, don’t panic just yet!

4MAT provides a full suite of recruitment digital marketing services for organisations, including content marketing development and delivery. 

We can also support your content marketing with tailored SEO to help drive traffic and engagement. Just get in touch with our Client Development Team to find out what we can offer to support your business.

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