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Creating a new recruitment website? Give the power to your recruiters

Written by Warren Davidson on 19 Dec 18
Creating a new recruitment website? Give the power to your recruiters
Creating a great recruitment website takes a lot of hard work. You need to decide upon a brief, agree on the budget, and identify a supplier. Once that’s been done, you have to decide how you want your website to look- and what features and functionality you want to include.

Enter the team profiles page. If you want to keep engaging and converting potential applicants, it’s important that you get your recruitment website right if you want to avoid falling behind and losing your profits to a competitor. To get ahead, you need to leverage and foreground your most valuable resource: your recruiters.

With years of experience working within the recruitment industry, these consultants have built up a reputation that you can harness as part of your business plan. By including a teams page, and making it a prominent part of your website, you’re more likely to attract curious browsers and potential job applicants. In fact, when used correctly, your recruiter's team profiles can help improve candidate engagement, your conversion rates, and even your company’s reputation. 

By creating staff profiles that prominently feature your recruitment consultants, you can make sure that they play a more active role in engaging candidates: put them in charge of 'managing' roles, and include a section on their profile page where candidates can browse those vacancies, as well as articles that they’ve written. By interconnecting jobs, blogs and consultant profiles, you can extend the candidate journey, making it easier for them to keep browsing your site and- ultimately- find a job that suits them.

Including this type of staff profile also encourages applicants to interact with your recruitment consultants. By giving potential candidates a point of contact for any job they might be interested in, they’ll be more likely to get in touch regarding a question about the role, about the application process or more- and once they’ve done that, they’re much more likely to submit an application. Similarly, by showing your consultants as authors on the blogs that they’ve written, browsers who are intrigued about the subject matter can click through and find more content- and jobs- on that person’s profile. 

Giving your recruitment agency a human face through their staff profiles could even help your company's reputation. Whether you want to demonstrate a more friendly, approachable side to your recruitment consultants, or emphasise their professional expertise, their profiles can be tweaked or designed to suit your company’s aesthetic and make them an integral part of your candidate- and client- attraction strategy.

Why wait? Take control of your team profiles and get involved in the conversation.

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