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Direct hiring: Why is your careers site so important?

Written by Jamie McGregor on 01 Jun 16
Direct hiring: Why is your careers site so important?
We’re sick of hearing it but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening: There’s a war for talent out there and it’s time to suit up.

With too many jobs and not enough of the right people, we’re all fighting for the few relevant candidates there are and are often paying a fortune in agency fees to find them.

Added to that, we now live in a digital, totally connected, 24/7 world, whether we like it or not. The way we live our lives has changed forever and our day-to-day is now dominated by screens of various sizes.

Of course, increased connectivity means we can find almost everything we need when we need it in just a few clicks, taps and swipes. Or at least, that’s what we now expect! And thanks to our shortened attention spans, if that’s not what we find on our digital journey then we move on very quickly.

Think about what that means when a great candidate lands on your careers site looking for a job. Job hunting now is no different to shopping. If they can’t find want they want quickly and easily on a site they move on to the next place.

Here are four must haves to transform your careers site into one of the biggest and best weapons to give you the advantage in sourcing those candidates directly.

Get your jobs out onto Google

Even if you think you’ve got Google clocked, there’s still every likelihood there’s more you can be doing to target this market. 85% of job searches now start on Google. That’s a lot of people to be missing out on if your jobs aren’t coming up on Google searches. It’s also expensive for candidates to find you through job boards or recruitment agencies.

Most jobs on a careers website are actually sitting on your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) rather than your careers site. Jobs that just stay on an ATS will never be seen properly on Google. If your jobs sit on an ATS portal it means they sit on a different domain/URL to your main career site. This means then you will be limiting or even completely blocking your visibility on Google.

User experience - The candidate as customer

Many companies spend thousands of hours and thousands of pounds getting their customer-facing websites just right, thinking about things like the ease of use, the message it sends about the business and how it reflects the brand. But without the right people working for you, there can be no business.

Candidate experience is more important than ever. Why not treat your candidates like you would your customers? Attract them with insightful, useful content about you as an employer, make the jobs easy to find when they see that content and make it easy to apply.

If you care as much about a potential candidate as you did potential customers, the hiring stats would look very different. Those who have a bad experience will probably never come back, so not only have you lost a great candidate for that job, but you may lose them for ALL of your jobs.

If you want a better insight into what the experience of using your careers site is like, just apply for a job yourself! Ask yourself if that’s the first impression you want to be making to the potential future ambassadors of your business.

Relevant Content - Get them engaged

Your company is a great place to work! You have a great culture! The career prospects are endless. For example; Your FD started as a management accountant 10 years ago and now she is second in command. This is her story on your careers website (blog, video, profile, it’s all great). But why hide that story on ‘our people’ page where someone has to go looking for it? Have it appear alongside all of your finance jobs and SHOW candidates why they should apply to work in your finance department!

Make the content relevant to your users and grab their attention while you can. A fully equipped careers site needs to be so much more than just pretty pictures. Recruitment is a people business. People’s stories can make all the difference so tell the right stories to the right people at the right time and get them engaged.

Being fully mobile responsive

Without a mobile-friendly site not only will you miss the 54% of internet journeys that now start on mobile devices, but you may also send a negative message about the business as a whole. No company should be without a mobile friendly site, especially when it comes to attracting job seekers. Around 80% of will look for jobs on a mobile device. What better time to job hunt than on the train home from the job you are looking to leave? Without a mobile site, you run the risk of losing these candidates to other organisations.

If all that sounds easy - well, it is. And it should be. But hardly anyone is doing it right, and the few that are, are 4MAT clients. Give me a shout and let’s talk about how we can get your site to where it needs to be.
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