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Google is the New Battle Ground for Talent

Written by Jamie McGregor on 23 May 16
Google is the New Battle Ground for Talent

71% of all job searches start on Google - Fact.
That number gets bigger every day - Fact.
Google owns virtually every digital journey - Fact.

So what does that mean for recruitment and the escalating war for talent? And what does it mean for employers whose businesses depend on that talent?

Put simply, employers that are easy to find on Google will have the biggest advantage when trying to attract those hard to find candidates in a competitive market place.

We have long been aware of the importance of SEO, but now, it is more important (than ever) to be on that Holy Grail First Page of Google search results. This the first place where all candidates will look.

The way to achieve this is with great optimisation AND having high quality, original careers content on your careers site.

Successful online recruitment is now based around engaging careers content with the employer brand at the heart of that content.

This content needs to be housed in a state-of-the-art careers website which needs to be Google friendly, mobile friendly, brand friendly and, most of all, user friendly. 

A first-class digital recruitment marketing strategy needs to embrace these fundamental elements.


Don’t hide your jobs in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Jobs that just stay on an ATS will never been seen by Google.

If your jobs sit on an ATS portal which sits on a different domain / url to your main career site, then you will be limiting or even completely blocking your visibility in Google.  

Even if the job listings appear “integrated” into your career site, it may well have been done in a way that still prevents Google from finding that content.  

If each individual job listing doesn’t have its own separate clean URL on the same domain as your career site, then you could be having problems.

Putting a platform in place that ensures your jobs and content all sit together on one site, on the same domain.

This means you won’t risk missing out on 71% of your potential candidate pool, AND your site experience will also be massively improved for the user. 
Taking candidates to different sites to search for jobs and apply can also cause confusion and a loss of trust - with each extra click you can lose candidates.

Employer Brand

The power of The Brand is something we are all familiar with and has always been the key to success in the consumer world.  

Now, with a shrinking talent pool spoiled for choice, the Employer Brand will be the deciding factor in a candidate's desire to come and work for you. 

If someone is thinking of working for your organisation, the first thing that they will do is Google your careers site.  

What will they find?

The creation of an online experience that reflects your individuality, company personality, values and culture will attract not just candidates but the right candidates who are engaged and relate to your values.  

That’s your chance to grab them while you can.


Content is King for a number of reasons. Not least, the modern candidate now expects it to be. We are in the age of the information economy: candidates want insights into your company and what makes you different.

This is your opportunity to promote your employer brand! 

As well as giving you an advantage over your competition  - who haven’t invested in a strategy to make them stand out from the crowd to job seekers. Engaging content gives you the tools to snare the rarest of beasts: the passive candidate

Those that aren’t moving jobs yet but like what you have to say. They will be back when the time to move comes.  

Careers content also has huge SEO advantages which will help drive your career site and open vacancies further up the Google search rankings.

This means that you are less reliant on job boards and agencies to promote and advertise your vacancies.


As of 2015 at least 54% of Internet searches in the UK start on a mobile device and this number is set to increase exponentially every year. 

To not be mobile friendly is the most basic of mistakes that will undermine your credibility as an employer to a digitally savvy talent pool with certain expectations. 

We’ve also reached the stage where the majority of non-work emails are now opened on mobile devices. Remember this when sending out email campaigns or job alerts to prospective candidates!

Put simply, candidates now want to find everything they need without having to look too far.

Those who want to win the war for talent need to think about what their candidates want.  

How can we help?

At 4MAT, we create experience rich, fully functional and visually striking websites for employers and agencies, which are designed to provide candidates with a great user experience.

To find out how 4MAT can help create a fully functional website that will drive traffic, increase conversions and create a dynamic online user-experience, please contact our Client Development Team.
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