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How can a careers website enhance your Employer Value Proposition?

Written by Vicky Jessop on 10 Oct 17
How can a careers website enhance your Employer Value Proposition?
Your Employer Value Proposition is one of the most important things about your brand. If you’re looking for staff, there’s nothing more important than showing them why they should apply to work with you. With 75% of job seekers considering their prospective employer’s brand before applying for a job with them, it’s clear that to become a successful, sought-after employer you need to invest time and money into influencing how you are seen by others.

One key way in which you can do this is through your careers website. Developing a new careers website offers a wealth of possibilities that you can make the most of: not only does it boost your SEO and make it easier for your jobs to rank higher on Google, but it can also go a long way towards boosting your Employer Value Proposition, or EVP.

Here’s how:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the cure-all for most employer problems, and with 88% of companies using it this year, it’s a good idea to have a look at what it can bring to your business. Not only does Content Marketing boost a website’s SEO, but it also makes it easy for would-be employers to connect with prospective customers and candidates. By writing fresh, interesting content that is relevant to the sector you are working in, you will be able to develop your brand and become a trusted thought leader within your area of expertise. 

Candidates should go to your blog because you offer something new and interesting, rather than nothing but jobs. Through Content Marketing, you can develop your reputation as an engaged, fun and interesting business- and offer a people an insight into what a day in the life is like for your employees- that will likely attract more candidates. 

The design

Unlike the presentation of your jobs on job boards and aggregators, the design of your website is something that you have a considerable amount of control over. You can design your site, or change its design, to closely align to your brand and to pique your candidate’s interest. Indeed, your website design can influence how you want to be seen as: bright colours and funky lettering could show how much of an exciting, diverse company you are; alternatively, sombre colours, with your jobs prominently displayed, could promote your professionalism to your potential candidates. 

You should also include your mission, values and responsibility statement: there’s no better way for a candidate to analyse whether or not they want to work for you than showing them what you’re all about. 

Make it personal

Your careers site also gives you the ability to promote your Employer Value Proposition by promoting the value of your company culture. It’s your website: you should be able to sell yourself here, so take the opportunity to include pictures of your company’s days out, your office culture, charity events and more that show what it’s like to work with you; give candidates what they need to know to decide whether they’ll be a good match for your business. 

When it comes to the roles you have available, you can also get creative: you can employ a role manager to answer any prospective questions that the applicant might have about the job being advertised. You can also include videos by people who work in the same team or the same job as the one that you’re advertising for, to give applicants more information about what it’s like to work for you, and what the role might be like. 

Talk to the experts

At 4MAT, we design award-winning careers websites that make it easy for employers to attract and engage the best candidates from around the industry. Find out more about how we can help you improve your EVP: chat to our Marketing Team, or browse our blog for more hints.

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