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How poor candidate experience has a detrimental impact on your sales

Written by Beatrice Caldarella on 08 Oct 19
How poor candidate experience has a detrimental impact on your sales

Imagine that you were walking along the high-street and someone barges right past you, barely glances back and doesn’t even mutter an apology. You walk on towards the nearest pharmacy and see that very person behind the counter. Are you going to part with your money and give it to someone that you’ve had a bad experience with? Most likely not. In fact, 75% of candidates who had an unsatisfactory experience reported they were unlikely to become a customer of the hiring organisation. Therefore, your hiring process is both an opportunity to attract top talent and to boost your sales by building a good reputation.

View your candidates as customers

Throughout the hiring process, right from the moment that the candidate lands on your website, they are interacting with your employer brand. Every stage is an opportunity to attract the top talent by providing a positive candidate experience. As a matter of fact, 88% of candidates who had a positive experience were more likely to tell others to apply.

“Poor candidate experience during the hiring process will have an impact on how those candidates view your product or service” – Warren Davison, 4MAT, Head of Digital Marketing

As they are building their perception of your employer brand, candidates are also creating their general impression of your brand. Virgin Media calculated they were losing £4.4 million per year from subscriptions cancelled by candidates who’d had a bad experience. This puts a monetary value on a bad candidate experience and illustrates the importance of invest time into creating an excellent application journey for prospective employees. The process is just as vital for your organisational sales as it is to successfully market your product or service.

  1. How to improve your candidate-customer service

The key to make the experience positive for candidates is to identify how you can make it memorable. Since 65% never or rarely hear back from employers, communication is a quick way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Keep track of your applicants throughout the recruitment process and beyond. Be responsive and let candidates know as soon as you are no longer considering them for the role. Those that are not suited for the role but display strong talent should be encouraged to sign up for ‘new job’ notification emails – by doing so you will build your talent pipeline. Distinguish your company as a provider of great candidate experience by being open to offering and receiving feedback.

If you’re diverting candidates to your website, ensure that this will add value to their application process. Ask yourself whether your website could be confusing to navigate, and if there is a chance that it could be detracting talent. 60% of job seekers abandon their application either because of its length or complexity. This highlights the importance of creating a careers website that supports a simple application process. Also, the more user-friendly that your website is the more time that candidates will spend on your websites. That one potential job seeker may apply to several job posts and engage with your content.

Read part one of our eBook for advice on how to create a business case to present to your internal stakeholders (finance, HR, Marketing and IT teams) and get them in favour of updating your careers website.

What will the reward be?

Talent experience is the broader understanding that both employees and candidates are advocates for your brand. Whether a candidate landed on your careers page and then left your website immediately, or got through to the final stage of the process, they have the power to influence other people’s perception of your brand through word of mouth. And since we are more likely to share our negative experiences with our friends, family and co-workers, every company should be doing all that they can to make the hiring process a good one. Recommendations will boost the number of applications that you receive, and candidates are more likely to buy your products or services over your competitors as you have provided them with added value.

The job market is shifting towards being candidate-driven so it’s vital to provide value in the application process. Aim to give a standard of service that you would expect yourself as a paying customer.

Create a careers website that adds value to your candidate experience

A good careers website is invaluable to your company, both regarding attracting top talent and strengthening your reputation. At 4MAT, we have the expertise to advise you on what the market wants, specific to your industry. Contact us to find out how we can tailor a website for you on our Attrax system. Attrax is powered by the latest AI to deliver an outstanding talent experience and a strong conversion rate of candidates into the ATS.

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