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Marketing Spotlight: Virgin America / Blah Airlines

Written by Matt Lasky on 28 Oct 14
Marketing Spotlight: Virgin America / Blah Airlines

Having recently launched a beautiful new booking website, Virgin America have now begun an awesome marketing campaign: BLAH Airlines.

We love Virgin America’s new booking website for US-based flights: it’s responsive, intuitive, fast and beautiful. And whoever’s been given Virgin America’s marketing budget is spending it very well – their latest campaign is one of the best I’ve seen in 2014. ‘BLAH Airlines’ has been launched and it is wonderfully horrific (yet horrifically wonderful).

Sporting a hideous colour scheme and the company motto ‘You will get there.’, BLAH Airlines is a perfect demonstration of how not to market an airline:

The testimonials are great too:

And as for the FAQs:

BLAH Airlines has a number of ways to socially engage them, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, fax and…wait, fax?! I wonder how many people have tried to actually fax Blah Airlines – I haven’t because I’ve never used a fax machine and the one in our storage cupboard intimidates me a little!

If you pop onto BLAH Airlines’ social media feeds, you’re treated to hilariously-bad content such as:


The quality of the marketing campaign is not just in its thoroughness, but in its minimal acknowledgement that it’s a stunt by Virgin America. There’s no indication on the website or the social media channels, aside from being the owner of the BLAH Airlines YouTube video – a 6 hour long all-too-familiar flight experience, complete with crying babies, obnoxious businessmen and free peanuts:

Virgin America is no stranger to fun, innovative marketing campaigns, having created a successful flight safety video that attracted over 10 million views last year.

We’re always impressed by strong marketing campaigns and appreciate novel ideas and bold thinking in the industry. What campaigns stick in your memory? Let us know.

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