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My First Week: Emma Smith

Written by Emma Smith on 23 Oct 15
My First Week: Emma Smith

Meet our latest member of the team; Emma. She has joined 4MAT to take on the role as our Content Marketing Manager. 

Here she talks about her first week with us and previews what’s coming up for the Content Team.

My time at 4MAT, so far,  has been filled with new things. It’s not only a new job, but I’m in a new country, learning new lingo (apparently ‘pants’ doesn’t mean what I think it means) and getting to grips with new systems and clients. It’s only fitting then that this level of newness extends to my country of origin - New Zealand.

Adjusting to #LifeAt4MAT has been fairly easy, thanks largely to the friendly, welcoming and remarkably competent team. Though the Content Team is fairly small and new, it’s really well supported by the other areas of the business and I can see enormous potential for its growth.

So far I’ve been getting stuck in to client calls, brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings and interviews, along with writing and overseeing the day-to-day content creation.

I’ve been working closely with
Chayya, who has been incredibly helpful as I find my feet, and Warren, who listens carefully to all my questions and only laughs at the really really stupid ones!

Before joining 4MAT, I was living a rather strange lifestyle as a freelance copywriter and dog sitter to some of London’s most pampered pooches.

In New Zealand I spent just shy of two years at a content marketing agency, where I was a senior member of the Travel and Lifestyle team.

In between writing, about Melbourne ghost tours and educating doctors on the importance of ongoing skin cancer education, I mentored junior members of the team and was heavily involved in client communications. In a past life I was also a team leader in charge of 18 media monitors! But that’s a story for another day!

I’m hoping to use this blend of creativity and organisation to, not only produce new types of content for existing clients, but also attract new employers and recruitment companies who may not have placed much value on content in the past.

I’m a huge advocate of the importance of content and am really looking forward to spreading this message far and wide at 4MAT.

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