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My First Week: Michael Bennetts

Written on 19 Dec 14
My First Week: Michael Bennetts

New Business Development Manager Michael Bennetts reflects on his first week at 4MAT.

Moving from one respective market leading company to another can be quite an awesome experience.

As a business developer, I have always had focussed my efforts equally between adding value to prospected clients and generating revenue. For me, job satisfaction is all about seeing the end result after finding a good match. It means making an introduction that means businesses or an individual will benefit from a great idea, product or service.

Since joining 4MAT, my appreciation of the importance of digital marketing – and social media in particular – has developed dramatically. As a brand development tool, it is absolutely critical to growing new and existing businesses.

Yet the difficulty of measuring return on investment (with social media in mind) is clear – how can something that is primarily about building presence have quantifiable returns? But that’s not to say it shouldn’t be done – we’re seeing excellent levels of engagement between candidates and recruiters through the use of social media.

One of our clients currently has their individual recruiters ranking above LinkedIn for non-branded searches on Google – that’s a #1 rank to that recruiter’s own page on the agency website based on a name search alone. By engaging candidates on a personal level, and combining it with our Social and Networking Hub, recruitment agencies can outperform LinkedIn, create new leads that their competitors can’t, and really understand the needs of the passive talent pool. That’s the power of social media in recruitment.

So when the opportunity at 4MAT presented itself – to be a part of a company that offers these services and really understand the future of digital in recruitment – I absolutely had to get on board.

4MAT is a dynamic and growing organisation; a brand at the forefront of digital innovation. A force in the staffing industry that ultimately plays a key and accountable part in growing and developing recruitment businesses. And that’s something I can’t wait to contribute to.

My first week experiences have been positive to say the least. I’ve witnessed ideas flow freely between all staff. Regardless of seniority, different teams get on really well here and are all integrated together. Exposure to the active social culture with monthly events and many ongoing internal competitions makes 4MAT a fun, open, creative and highly energised place to work, and be a part of.

The level of interaction between staff and the market-leading expertise being shared and pooled together is exceptionally high – when I heard that 4MAT work with more Top 250 recruitment agencies than the next 9 agencies combined, I can’t even say I was surprised.

As week one comes to close, I leave the office with what can best be described as an optimistic headache. I have lots of information to take in and still lots to learn about the world of digital marketing and where it’s going.

That said, I’m delighted to be at the start of a process that ultimately brings agencies brands and businesses to life, not to mention be a part of something special happening here at 4MAT!

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