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My First Week: Nick Chapsas

Written by Nick Chapsas on 04 Feb 16
My First Week: Nick Chapsas

Meet our latest member of the team: Nick. He is currently working as a developer in the Development team. Here he talks about his first week with us, his journey so far and what he was doing before he came to 4MAT

#LifeAt4MAT seems to be a thing! I am really excited to be here because this is my first job as a developer in a commercial environment, after graduating from a London university with a degree in Computer System and Software Engineering. 

After I completed my National Service, back in Greece where I'm originally from, I came back to the UK to start my career.

4MAT was more than happy to open the doors to a new developer and guide me through a fun and interesting road of learning.

I'm very passionate about my work and, so far I love it, even though I have never worked with websites before. My general web developing skills seem to be strengthening day-by-day, with the help of the other developers.

Everyone here is always happy to help no matter how many questions I ask (especially Ali) and trust me I ask a lot!!
The work environment here is very collaborative and positive; everyone smiles a lot! Which is something that I really missed, as I've spent the last nine months shooting things and sharing a room with 30 other men during military service.

So far everything is great and I can definitely say that I have already learnt so many things -  which makes me wonder how much more knowledge I can get by working with such an accomplished and talented team! 

One observation that I've made, is that everyone here is brilliant at what they do and shows so much passion towards it - whether it's the team in Marketing, our Project Managers or the guys over in Creative, everyone throws themselves into their work and gets stuck in! 

I'm really happy to be a part of the team and can't wait to see how my journey here unfolds! 

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