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My First Week: Warren Davidson

Written by Warren Davidson on 11 Jul 14
My First Week: Warren Davidson

A big welcome to Warren, who will be fronting 4MAT’s Marketing Services department.

A New Beginning

For me, the move to 4MAT has been a long time coming. I was previously a customer, having worked in recruitment marketing for over eight years, before broadening my skills and experience in a branding and creative agency in Ireland. 4MAT have always been a company I’ve respected for the standard of service I experienced as a customer and the brilliant technical skills available through the development team. I’m really looking forward to meeting the clients and getting stuck in to some new projects! I’ve worked with some big international companies during my time in Ireland so am excited to transfer this experience and understanding of global business to help 4MAT expand its reach and influence across new recruitment sectors.

Recruitment marketing has changed significantly – even in the last eighteen months. Content marketing has become absolutely pivotal due to the recent algorithm changes from Google and increased understanding amongst consumers that recruiters need to offer more than just a slew of job vacancies to candidates. My role is all about helping clients capitalise on these changes and enhancing some of the services and products they already know 4MAT can deliver.

So what does this mean?

Well, in order to succeed, planning and executing interesting and engaging content – usually published through a client’s website and then syndicating it on social, email and digital advertising to enhance an organisation’s SEO – is an absolute must. It’s about the welding together of a number of disciplines to the benefit of our clients. This really isn’t a new concept but, as recruitment marketing becomes even more competitive, recruiters and corporates alike will be adopting this approach – meaning we have to respond as an agency – as do our customers.

This first week has been all about talking to my new colleagues and introducing myself to our clients. I’ve also been taking a long look at how we can refine the marketing services we offer to ensure our clients and prospective clients get the absolute best quality that can’t be found elsewhere. Exciting times! It’s been an interesting and informative week – from my first massage at work to the incredible functionality coming down the track from the development team, to the welcome I have had from the rest of the staff at 4MAT. The future's bright – the future's pink and black!

I'll be splitting my time evenly between 4MAT's Manchester office and our London office. One of the main appeals of 4MAT and a key reason why I joined was its ambition to offer the best recruitment marketing service possible across the entire of the UK. By working closely with both offices, I know I'll be able to help 4MAT delight clients from around the country.

As I find my feet at 4MAT, I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to drop me an email, you can contact me at Get in touch!

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