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Orion Group website goes live

Written by Vicky Jessop on 21 Jun 17
Orion Group website goes live
4MAT is delighted to announce that Orion Group’s new careers website, Orion Jobs, is live.

A client of 4MAT since 2012, Orion Group recently developed a new visual identity and took this opportunity to evolve their website, taking the next step in terms of both technology and brand. They wanted to stand out in their sector, with a range of features that would engage candidates and increase conversion rates; they knew 4MAT would deliver a website platform that was both cutting edge in terms of user experience and visual identity. 4MAT delivered: Orion Group has not only seen a significant improvement in their conversion rate but increased candidate engagement through Google by 50%.

Orion Group also needed their new website to reflect the changing nature of their business. Though their core business lay in engineering and technology within the oil and gas industries, many clients were asking Orion Group to recruit across a wider range of sectors such as marketing to finance. To reflect this diversification of the business, Orion Group wanted to evolve their brand image, focussing on people rather than one particular industry. The website needed to strengthen this updated brand identity. 

Orion Group’s website has been reconfigured to make it easier than ever to browse and find a large range of jobs at the touch of a button. The site itself includes features designed to make the customer experience more engaging than ever before. The website boasts predictive search, a feature unique to 4MAT, that can deliver jobs and content, Google-style, before the candidate has even finished typing. It also includes a ‘social wall’ that lets you view a variety of tailored content and the addition of Orion Group’s ‘social hub’.

Built to link jobs to the recruiter, the ‘social hub’ provides jobseekers with a more human experience and point of contact should they want any more information about the company, or about the job. This also reflects the changing job seeker behaviour. People want to talk to people not always apply online.

Orion Jobs also features personalised content, providing the ultimate customer experience. Building a social profile from the candidate’s browsing history, Orion Jobs will personalise certain sectors of the website, advertising jobs similar to those previously searched for and promoting blog posts relevant to those previously read.

Check out the new website here.

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