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Polls indicate an upswing in SEO investment at the expense of job boards in 2018

Written by Vicky Jessop on 08 Dec 17
Polls indicate an upswing in SEO investment at the expense of job boards in 2018
Google for Jobs has exploded into the recruitment industry over the past few months. With the aim of consolidating its huge influence and use worldwide (over 3.5bn searches are made every day) in the recruitment industry, Google for Jobs promises to revolutionise the way in which people search for jobs. 

But what are the implications for recruitment agencies and job boards? It’s no secret that Google favours careers websites over job aggregators and job boards, and with the right website configuration and investment in SEO, Google for Jobs could actually be a huge boon for recruitment agencies when it comes to improving visibility, traffic numbers and conversion rates.

4MAT recently held a webinar entitled ‘How to prepare for Google for Jobs’. Hosted by APSCo, the webinar aimed to explore just how much Google stands to change the industry. Tackling everything from the implications it has for recruitment agencies, to writing killer job adverts and boosting SEO, the webinar also addressed attitudes towards Indeed- who, famously, refused to partner with Google for Jobs when it launched- and job boards.

Its effects upon the representatives of the recruitment agencies who attended were fascinating. On the webinar, we ran two polls to see if the webinar content changed the views of the attendees around Indeed, the use of job boards, and SEO, and it certainly did. At the start of the webinar, we asked our attendees three questions, and the results were mixed from the start.

1) Do you advertise on Indeed? 

Of the seventy- to eighty-five people who responded, 40% said No to this, whilst 60% said Yes.

2) How many job boards do you advertise on?

Here, nobody advertised on one, but 20% advertised on two job boards; 30% on three; none on four and more than 50% on more than five job boards.

3) Do you invest in SEO every month?

Despite the positive results for job boards and Indeed, only 40% said Yes to this, whilst the majority- 60%- said No. 

What this points to is an overall reliance on job boards for boosting the visibility of an agency’s vacancies, rather than their own site. 

However, this had changed by the end of the webinar. The way in which Google for Jobs pulls vacancies from other sources means that it acts like an aggregator of sorts, effectively competing with job aggregators like Indeed for space in the market; given the huge influence that Google wields in the market it’s therefore a savvy decision for recruiters and employers alike to turn to maximising their visibility within the Google for Jobs widget. 

The webinar attendees thought so, too: by the end of the webinar, their answers to the same questions had changed drastically. This time, only 40% said they would continue to advertise on Indeed, whilst 60% said they wouldn’t.

When asked whether they would use fewer job boards in 2018, 50% said yes and 50% said no, indicating an overall decrease in job board spend next year.

When asked whether they would invest in SEO next year, a huge 80% said they would

Recruitment is changing, and Google for Jobs is one of the main drivers of this change. The dial is swinging towards SEO, and boosting the Google rankings of your own recruitment website, if you want to make the most of the visibility that Google for Jobs offers. 

This webinar was hugely oversubscribed and so we are running it again on the 15th December. You can sign up below by clicking on the link below.

The key take-aways from the webinar will be:

1. What is Google for jobs?
2. Implications for recruitment agencies
3. How to prepare and optimise your website
4. Writing killer job adverts
5. A new branch of SEO?

Register for the Google for Jobs Webinar on the 15th December at 10.00am here

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