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Recruitment Marketing Playbook for Recruitment Agencies goes live

Written on 02 Aug 17
Recruitment Marketing Playbook for Recruitment Agencies goes live
Your recruitment website can be one of your most valuable assets. With the right functionality and the right planning, it can vastly increase the amount of candidate applications you receive, and strengthen your brand. 

However, recruitment is a notoriously competitive industry, and therefore you need to position yourself as a market leader who will stand out from the competition; subsequently, your website should be the hub of all your recruitment marketing activity, and will help you execute your recruitment marketing strategy.

To implement your new site successfully, there are a series of steps you need to follow. From writing the brief and establishing your objectives to designing the website and deciding what functionality you need to make your website more engaging, there is a lot to do before your site can go live. Indeed, afterwards you need to measure your Return on Investment and monitor and update your site to keep abreast of the latest technological developments.

Fortunately, when it comes to the minutiae of building a world-class recruitment website, 4MAT has you covered. This week sees the release of our new Recruiting Marketing Playbook for Recruitment Agencies, which contains all the information you need to ensure you maximise the potential that your recruitment website can bring. With case studies demonstrating just what how much difference a good website can contribute to your revenue targets, and a detailed list covering every stage of the website creation process, the Playbook aims to make it easier than ever to create a good-quality recruitment site that will immediately start bringing in results.

A well-designed recruitment website has the potential to completely revolutionise your recruitment process.

 Find out more tips and tricks in our eBook below.

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