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Relevant Content for Relevant Candidates

Written by Warren Davidson on 22 Oct 15
Relevant Content for Relevant Candidates

The Internet has come a long way away from what it used to look like, thanks to rapid advancements made by smartphone technology! 

Not only has this democratised the Internet, changed our behaviour (online and offline), but it has also had a significant impact on the way that websites are now built, designed and used.

Outdated terms, such as, being 'above the fold,' CD-ROM, carbon copy and weblog, show how far users have developed in terms of how we use and view the Internet for work and leisure. 

This shift in people's online behaviour was first noticed by retailers, long before us in recruitment caught on.

From personalised marketing, high res imagery, slick graphics and fashionable Instagram accounts to snappy content - retailers are paving the way in showing recruiters how to create a unique user experience that is fun yet relevant.

This observation has massively benefited both retail brands and users, which has had a knock on effect on the way that people use social media and the Internet in almost every aspect of their digital lives. 

How can recruiters make their websites more appealing and user friendly while staying professional?

A short answer would be to use similar strategies akin to our counterparts working in retail. 

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, 73% of 18-34-year-olds found their last job through content from a social network. 

This statistic carries weight, as the report also showed, that an estimated 94% of recruiters either already use content marketing in social media or plan to do so for recruiting. It's enough to make us all sit up and start taking this seriously during our respective recruitment processes. 

One way of bridging the gap, between recruiters and increasingly tech-savvy candidates, would be by having a feature on a company's website that aggregates all content in one easy-to-use-and-manage place.

We decided to call this functionality a 'dynamic content wall.' 

Why should you invest in one? 

As an industry, recruitment and sourcing talent, is naturally social and people-centric in the same way that content creation and social media is - well - all about people.

Therefore it should be obvious for every recruiter - both agency and in-house - to have an active presence across a variety of social channels (for example Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to showcase the very best company content on. 

However, this can be costly for many time poor recruiters, as it takes a considerable amount of time and patience to grow a following and presence.
A content wall takes out the labour intensive task of manually tracking updates by automatically updating itself in real-time.

In addition, content walls can also aid personalised marketing strategies and enhance user experiences by giving them the power to choose what they want to see.

For example, if I wanted to view all content from Twitter, all I would have to do is click the iconic bird logo, to pull up a brand's latest tweets.

Similarly, if I wanted to see all content from a particular sector (such as Oil&Gas), the website could automatically show me every single related tweet, blog, photo, Facebook post, case study etc, that is only related to Oil&Gas. 

The beauty of content walls is that there is no 'right way' of how they should look or function; it is a feature which is entirely dependent on two crucial components.

Firstly, the amount of self-generated content which goes onto a brand's social channels, and secondly, the amount of content that is generated by users. Content can come in the form of blogs, photos, testimonials, videos, Vines, GIFs, graphs and so much more.

As a result, the more content that is generated from both a brand and their users, the more effective their wall will be in driving traffic to their website and generating leads. 

This unique quality makes a website look less static,visually engaging and modern. This increases the likelihood of users staying on that particular website for longer. Which is exactly what recruiters want! 


Aspire originally came to 4MAT to unify their five websites into one main website that was user friendly and easy to use, while communicating the breath and depth of their specialist services. With its bold visual identity and interactive content wall, Aspire has seen its newly designed website take them to new heights in the world of recruitment.

To date, they have won a series of awards including 'Best Recruitment Website' at the MARAs in 2014, win 'Best Mobile Site' at the Mobile Recruitment Awards and double finalists at The Global Recruiter Awards earlier this year.

In addition, Aspire recently won 'Best Small Recruitment Agency Website' award in this year's NORAs

How can 4MAT help you? 

We've built over 800 websites since we were founded in 1999, and today, manage over 300 live websites on behalf of our clients.
To find out more about how you can work with 4MAT and see how we can create tailor made solutions for your company, please contact a member of our Client Development Team on (020) 7247 9494 or email

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