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See how top UK companies have successfully implemented new careers websites

Written by Jamie McGregor on 26 Apr 17
See how top UK companies have successfully implemented new careers websites
At 4MAT, we've helped many businesses transform their careers websites and marketing strategies. With the right careers website, you can dramatically improve how you attract and recruit the industry's best talent. Here are some of our success stories: 

Vue Entertainment

Vue Entertainment has a strong brand and a key demographic of potential employees who are all digitally engaged. As one of the top three cinema chains in the UK, Vue recruits a huge number of people every year, but their original careers website did not reflect the strength of the brand’s identity and provided a poor user experience for potential candidates. Most of their traffic came from expensive job boards that were no longer particularly successful due to the constantly changing digital landscape.

4MAT wanted to inject some personality into the website, putting the employees at the heart of everything and giving potential candidates a window into what working at Vue Cinemas is really like. We integrated their careers website with their existing ATS, allowing the jobs to be housed on their actual website, rather than on a separate ATS. This improved the user experience and also meant that the jobs were visible on search engines for the first time.

Less than a year after the launch of the new site, Vue had received a 70% increase in visitor traffic. Key engagement indicators also grew, meaning that people were getting a much better user experience and were actually wanting to stay on the site. The new careers site has also meant that Vue Cinemas don’t need to rely on job boards: all their candidates arrive on the site via Google and Indeed.


npower was another company who needed help attracting the right number and calibre of candidates to their site. They also relied on 98% of their annual hires coming in through recruitment agencies.

4MAT highlighted the importance of npower as a brand and steered the focus back towards it. After surveying 200 npower employees to find out what makes npower unique, 4MAT created tailored content, designed to be published across multiple channels.

The new content was then housed on their new careers website, which was also mobile friendly, integrated with npower’s social media channels and Google optimised. Before the launch of the new site, npower was recruiting nearly all their roles through recruitment agencies. Within 12 months, they were making 80% of their hires directly through their careers website, saving them around £2.4 million on agency and job board spend.

PPHE Hotel Group

PPHE Hotel Group's existing careers website had a poor candidate experience which did not reflect the nature of the hospitality industry. There was also the problem that the existing digital strategy was not enhancing the various brands within the group.

4MAT developed a single careers website where talent could be shared across the entire group, whilst still retaining the individual brand personalities. The new site was also integrated with the existing ATS meaning that the PPHE jobs were now visible to non-branded, organic Google traffic. The result was that, 12 months after launch, the site had received a 400% increase in visitor traffic. The PPHE Hotel Group careers website now has a conversion rate of 13%, an impressive increase on the industry average of 5-8%.

A new careers website can provide a much-needed change for your business. But it has to be managed effectively. By adding the right features and functionality and constantly measuring its success, your careers website should be one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

At 4MAT we believe in digital intelligence, creative brilliance and smarter attraction. If you're interested in finding out more about what we do, check out our latest ebook here.

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