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The Manchester Conversation 2015

Written by Warren Davidson on 10 Sep 15
The Manchester Conversation 2015

On Wednesday 9th September 2015, the ‘Conversation’ In-house Recruitment Conference took place at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester City with 4MAT as its headline partner.

A variety of professionals from Boots, Nationwide, and other companies, spoke about attracting better talent and discussed possible solutions to overcome the challenges that are currently facing those in in-house recruitment.

Our MD (James Saunders) and Account Manager (Tom Ross) attended the event, where James spoke about the need for employers and recruiters to better personalise candidate experience on their careers websites. Here are his thoughts.

“ It was a privilege to speak at the ‘Conversation’ about personalising candidate experiences and how to make employer brands more engaging by seeking inspiration from the very best retail websites.

Tom and I chaired two tables for the round table discussions which were a very good way to break up the day’s events. It was great to hear everyone share ideas and experiences from some of the UK’s biggest brands, as well as, their own innovations on attracting talent.

Interestingly there was a lot of discussions about social media campaigns and it is genuinely becoming a great way of attracting talent.

However, I firmly believe that it is equally important to get the fundamentals right (such as having a fully functional careers website) first. This is a problem that many companies are currently facing and 4MAT is well positioned to provide them with visually striking and functional websites that are made with the candidates’ experience in mind.

At this point in time, the recruitment industry is miles away from providing candidates with a great website experience. Many have a clunky interface, poor Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and are not user friendly at all.

Companies need brilliant social media presence but also a fantastic application process. If a candidate is attracted to a careers website and has a bad experience with a poorly designed ATS integration, they will feel frustrated and leave that website. This means that, despite having a strong social media account, the company will still face a huge drop off rate and lose opportunities.

This is where 4MAT comes in to provide employers with creative, functional and experience rich websites that will boost website traffic, bring a higher volume of potential candidates and reduce that huge drop off rate.”

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