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The Personal is Powerful: Harnessing Personalisation

Written by Gareth Jenkins on 01 Oct 15
The Personal is Powerful: Harnessing Personalisation

Personalisation. It is tipped to be the next big thing in the digital world, as employers, recruiters and retailers scramble to come up with innovations that appeal to their existing and interest new clients/customers.


But what does personalisation actually mean?

It is the ability to tap into different pools of clients/customers by serving them information about content that is specifically tailored to them and their online interests.

Two of the biggest examples, which fully illustrate the power of personalisation, are Amazon and YouTube.

Amazon’s seemingly automated ‘Frequently Bought Together’ and ‘Recommended for You’ options are, in fact, collated as a result of personalisation in the same way that YouTube’s ‘Recommended Videos and Channels’ options are based on what viewers watch. 

Both digital giants cater to their users’ web experiences based on what they buy/watch the most. They then try to predict future buying and viewing patterns by generating a list of recommendations similar to the types of content that users have been viewing.

This definitely explains how we go from watching a three minute music video to tutorials on how to speak to giraffes after five hours!

How can more employers and recruiters utilise it to source better talent?

Candidates are increasingly behaving like consumers when it comes to conducting job searches. Therefore, it is essential that recruiters adjust their Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) strategies in line with how candidates search and apply for jobs.

At 4MAT, we create experience rich, fully functional and visually striking websites for employers and agencies, which are designed to provide candidates with a great user experience.

To find out how 4MAT can help create a fully functional website that will drive traffic, increase conversions and create a dynamic online user-experience, please contact our Client Development Team.

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