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The power of texting

Written by Warren Davidson on 24 Aug 18
The power of texting
When was the last time you texted somebody?

Though you might not think it, the next avenue that’s rapidly opening up in the world of recruitment marketing- thanks to the software now available on the market- is the humble text message. Around 18.7bn text messages are sent around the world every day, and with the number of people in possession of mobile phones increasing exponentially all around the world, it’s rapidly becoming clear that this might just be the next frontier in reaching out to talented candidates.

Though text messages are already used by recruiters to do things like schedule interviews and send reminders, these are par for the course and don’t really offer the kind of engagement that would be possible if it were applied to marketing. However, this is starting to change: alongside other software, Jobvite recently announced the launch of Jobvite Text, which will allow recruiters to sell jobs to their candidates in a completely new way.

This new tool is being touted as the final word in engaging candidates. The average response time for a text message is just 90 seconds, and- unlike emails, which have a notoriously bad open rate- it’s a much more concise and direct way of messaging a candidate. There’s even an AI-powered chatbot which will initiate conversations, which can then open the door to more productive conversation.

What does this mean for today’s recruiters? In the competitive world of recruitment, finding new ways to snare talented employees is in high demand, and the low-maintenance solution that is a ‘texting platform’ could indeed be the answer. Today’s generation of jobseekers are very tech-savvy, and so the rapid-fire method of communication which texting involves could not only be a novel new way for recruiters to reach out, but for candidates to get engaged and apply for jobs on the go in a world where attention spans are shortening and providing a streamlined service is in hot demand. Furthermore, the potential to attach analytics to these types of platform means that recruiters can be more targeted than ever before about who they reach out to- rather like Facebook Advertising, they can choose who to initiate conversations with.

However, there is a catch: with data protection becoming ever more important in the European markets, these text messages will have to be encrypted. It’s also a lot harder to protect candidate privacy through text message- and this will be an issue that will very possibly hinder growth in the future.
However, in a rapidly growing market, it’s an exciting new avenue to explore- and given that 64% of customers would be likely to see companies texting them in a positive light, you might well see texts popping up on your phone in the future from your local recruiter.

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