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What Are 62% of Jobseekers Doing That You're Not Ready For?

Written by James O'Gorman on 02 Oct 14
What Are 62% of Jobseekers Doing That You're Not Ready For?

Hint: It's got nothing to do with a computer.

62% of jobseekers are using a mobile device to search for jobs, as reported in Indeed’s latest research. The fact that your candidates are more likely to use a mobile device to search for a job than not has huge ramifications on your talent acquisition strategy.

3 reasons why candidates are moving to mobile:

1. Discretion

Whether you’re connected to the employer’s Wi-Fi or not, a mobile device is unaffected by internet restrictions and company firewalls. Candidates can browse for jobs freely and without fearing anybody will see over their shoulder. Thanks to the rise in passive candidates (the results of which and how to engage them can be found here), workplace privacy concerns has become even more important and partly explains the growth of mobile recruitment.

2. Convenience

Job hunting on your lunch break, on the commute or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam are just three ways to look for jobs that mobile devices have enabled. In fact, the survey revealed that 55% of people in cited convenience as the main factor in using a mobile device to search for jobs.

3. The ‘Now’ Factor

In our increasingly connected world, people want to achieve their objectives quicker than ever before. If they can apply for a job quickly whilst stuck in a traffic jam, then they will. Mobile sites offering quick-CV uploads and/or Apply with LinkedIn functionality are in pole position.

Is it age-relative?

No. Whilst 77% of people aged 16-34 are using mobile devices to search for jobs (a staggering amount), more than a third of those aged over 55 use mobile too – a figure too high to ignore. Every business knows the importance of attracting young talent, which makes mobile recruitment a no brainer. What’s more, the fact that more and more people in the older age-brackets are moving towards mobile means it’s not just a no-brainer – it’s a necessity. 17% of people were using mobile to job hunt in 2010, whilst it sits at 62% now and there hasn’t been a single year when the number hasn’t grown. It will continue to grow and a near 100% figure is not beyond reality.

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What does this mean for the in-house recruitment sector?

Recruitment is a fast-paced industry and the challenges to attract the right staff, reduce cost per hire and time to hire are the most prevalent issues today. Having a rigorous plan in place to achieve these is vital and it absolutely cannot ignore the importance of adapting to the rise in candidates using mobile. To succeed both now and in the long term on recruitment delivery goals, resourcing strategy teams must create a plan that works in tandem with the development of both candidate expectation and growth in available technology.

How can you adapt to the change?

A successful strategy inevitably revolves around making the mobile experience for a candidate as simple as possible. What about the people who don’t use mobile to look for jobs? A massive 78% of people not using mobile to look for jobs claimed they would if the process was simplified. To take advantage of this huge opportunity, it is imperative to offer either a mobile-optimised site or a responsive website that serves both desktop and mobile users. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages so a proper consultation is crucial in order to find the best solution. We build both (have a look at our portfolio), depending on the precise requirements and objectives. Mobile users are largely active on social media, which is why one-click log ins using social media credentials is a crucial part of the simplification process.

Did you know?

Job searching declined universally during the 2014 World Cup, but less on mobile than desktop.

What’s more, our award-winning recruitment website platform, DV4, is designed to fully support mobile devices and offers all the aforementioned needs of a mobile site: quick CV, social media integration features et al, and is fully scalable to adapt to any future growth or development in the industry.

So if you’re looking to move into mobile and tap into the growing pool of candidates using it, please don’t hesitate to call me on 0207 392 1717 and I’ll be happy to listen to your thoughts.

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