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What's Trending: Content Marketing 2016

Written by Emma Smith on 28 Jan 16
What's Trending: Content Marketing 2016
Have you planned your content marketing strategy for 2016?

Traditionally, the dawning of the new year brings with it well-intentioned resolutions for self-improvement. 

This year, along with the inevitable ‘be healthier’ and ‘save more’ wishes, why not extend your intentions to apply to your organisation’s content marketing plan?

If your first response to this proposition is, “what plan?” don’t fret.

While content marketing plans are undoubtedly beneficial for any business’marketing model, only 44% of B2B marketers have a documented strategy, according to a 2014 report by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute.

Meanwhile, a 2015 report notes that only 37% of B2C marketers have a documented strategy.

This suggests there’s a serious opportunity for organisations to pick up their content marketing game and dramatically improve their results this year - so what are you waiting for?

Why is a Content Marketing Strategy so important?

In order to review the importance of a structured and disciplined content marketing strategy, you need to consider the importance of content marketing as a whole. 

When done well, content marketing can not only engage consumers and drive traffic to relevant channels on your site, but it can also have a significant impact on your conversions and the overall perception of an organisation. 

Quality content can promote you as an industry leader, subtly advertise your products and services and attract and retain customers.
Despite all these perks, 70% of marketers don’t have an integrated or consistent strategy, according to technology consultancy Altimeter

This means they’re missing out on valuable traffic, sales, conversions and improved SEO rankings that can be directly attributed to such a programme. 

But it’s not enough to churn out some content marketing every now and then. 

shows that a structured strategy is much more effective at delivering results than an ad-hoc model. It should be the first point in your content marketing process, formulated before you start developing and publishing content across your channels.

What should I include in my 2016 Content Marketing Strategy?

Any good content marketing strategy should identify your target audience/s, set out clear goals for your content and establish the KPIs  and tools you will use to record and understand your results.

Without cemented targets, you’ll have no idea of ROI and little way of knowing if your output is having a tangible effect.

Think about what success looks like for your organisation’s content marketing and communicate this with your marketing team, aligning your goals and performance indicators accordingly.

Goals can include optimising conversions, directing more traffic to key areas of your site, generating leads and engaging your audience.
Tools such as Google Analytics, SharedCount and integrated trackers within social media sites can be used to showcase trends and record your progress.

Now is also a good time to evaluate risks and think about ways of mitigating these. This may be as simple as reviewing and amending your strategy every quarter to keep it realistic. 

Take note of potential obstacles and formulate a plan to help overcome these. Whether that’s writing content in advance to avoid bottlenecks, scheduling in regular social network audits to ensure your messages are on-brand or outsourcing this function entirely to an expert third party, such as 4MAT.

When it comes to identifying your target audience, it may be useful to create audience personas. Use tracking tools on social sites to find out which demographics are accessing and engaging with your content and establish who you ideally want to create content for. 

These personas should include age groups, location, interests, life stages and what they look for from content. Your strategy should also include the pillars you will form content around. 

What messages do you want to deliver and how will these messages differ from those of your competitors?
And, more importantly, how will you promote these messages? 

Select channels on which you will publish your content, including social media channels which make the most sense for your organisation’s target market.

How can we help?

4MAT can provide a full service of recruitment digital marketing services for your organisation, including advice on your content marketing strategy. 

We can create compelling content for you, support your strategy with a stellar SEO offering and use an array of social media strategies to boost your coverage.

Get in touch with our Client Development Team, to find out what else we can offer to boost your business.
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