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What's Trending: Recruitment Marketing 2016

Written by Warren Davidson on 02 Feb 16
What's Trending: Recruitment Marketing 2016
"The world of digital recruitment will continue to change rapidly throughout 2016."

We spoke to our Head of Digital Marketing,Warren, to discuss the main trends to watch out for based on products and services that our clients are demanding.

How do I get more out of my careers website?

2016 will be a year of more efficiency in my view. More and more of our clients are demanding that their website works harder, and quite rightly so!

If you talk to any Recruitment Marketing Manager, Hiring Manager or MD it’s all about Return On Investment (ROI) from their various recruitment marketing channels or the quality of candidates.
First up: make sure you have the basics in place. Can you honestly say how many hires were sourced from your website last month

You’d be surprised at how many organisations and recruitment agencies simply can’t answer that question. Without robust reporting in place how do you know:

a) That your website is contributing to your recruitment marketing ROI?
b) Where the website is sourcing candidates from?

The other big piece of advice I’d give is don’t stand still

According to a recent report by Boston Consulting Group on 2015 Job Seeker Trends, Internet careers and recruitment sites are the number one place job seekers go before anywhere else. Interestingly enough, job seekers believe this is the most efficient way of finding a job. 

Your website will, more often than not, be the first experience of your brand or business that a potential candidate sees. 

Keep reviewing your application process, job search functionality, content and user journeys to ensure that you are making the most out of your visitors. 

At 4MAT we have seen some great results over the last 12 months with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). 

We have been able to significantly improve website conversion rates simply by regularly reviewing website design and performance.

What’s important through the Google Looking Glass?

I'd say that onsite optimisation, good quality content, your link profile and social recruiting will continue to be important throughout 2016 as significant factors that contribute to your search rankings. 

If you, like the boffins at 4MAT, want to see all the factors that influence your SEO we do love this handy SEO periodic table from AGENCY

The main factors that we observed last year, and that continue to be important in 2016, are mobile optimisation and location

The majority of our websites are now fully responsive and our digital campaigns are getting more and more location specific. 

Paid Advertising, Decline of the Job Board and the Rise of Aggregators

Paid advertising is undoubtedly on the rise, particularly in industries where there is a shortage of candidates or skills.

More often than not, to get real reach, businesses need to supplement their SEO content and social efforts with some paid activity - whether it’s Google PPC, programmatic, social ads or using one of the job aggregators.

Across all our clients, both agency and employer, there is a distinct and (in some cases) stark move away from job boards as their own websites start to deliver.

This of course is in part down to the rise of job aggregators, who the job boards are often using themselves, which means that your jobs are being advertised twice on websites such as Indeed.

I can only see this trend continuing as job aggregators provide traffic and applications directly to a company careers site and they cut out the middle man - so to speak. 

Mobile continues to grow - and fast!

The recruitment industry has historically been a little behind the curve with mobile adoption, but 2015 saw an even greater shift in the types of devices used to access 4MAT websites

It’s not uncommon now for over 50% of users to be on mobile or tablet devices - meaning that not only is Google looking for a better 
mobile experience - but so are your visitors.

Make sure that you include mobile in your regular review, that I referenced to earlier in this blog, and pay particular attention to your application process.

Data and the Year of Re-Marketing

Here are 4MAT we love data, and the amount of data we are processing and analysing is set to increase. 
So it's a given that marketing decisions will continue to be driven by data. We know more and are capturing more data than ever which will mean two things. 

Firstly more intelligent re-marketing. Re-marketing has been around for a while, but, it’s all about serving better and more targeted messaging based on a user’s visit to your website.

If they have viewed a certain set of jobs we might mail them some content. If they have view some content we might mail them related jobs.

Secondly, attribution tracking will become the norm. This involves tracking the first visit to a website, then tracking the conversion (CVs, applications etc), mapping the journey in between and tailoring your marketing messages accordingly.

Hopefully this provides you with some food for thought - have a great year and do get in touch, we’d love to talk to you!
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