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What's Trending: Web Design 2016

Written by Matt Lasky on 05 Feb 16
What's Trending: Web Design 2016
Is your career website bang on trend or starting to look - and feel - a bit last season? Our Head of Creative, Matt Lasky, talks trends for 2016.

As 2016 kicks off, many of us are eagerly anticipating what trends the year will bring for our respective industries. This year, I believe, is going to have a much different feel to it, in regards to how websites are designed.

Despite this, digital designers, have come a long way from where we used to be and are now showing signs of being more daring with how we create modern websites that are practical yet engaging.

A key observation that I've made, from what our clients are demanding, is that everyone wants their websites to be beautifully crafted, unique and still provide their users with a fantastic user experience (UX) that won't compromise on functionality. 

Here are some other developments which have been on my radar and look set to shake up web design as we know it.

Trends to watch:

  • Video Content: This is a key development in the evolution of Content Marketing as it continues to strengthen and become more relevant. Here it is essential that all video content has strong calls-to-actions, are in line with your branding and enhances your brand's message/story

  • Card Templates: As everything moves to mobile (it's overtaken desktop traffic in over 10 countries) eye-catching visuals that complement UX and your brand are becoming more popular. I'm personally delighted to say that we were ahead of the curve here, and implemented card templates, for our client Aspire's website

  • To Scroll or Not? This is a feature which now depends on what your audience/users like and what industry you're operating within. If you think about a job results page should you have pagination (page numbers to load the next page) or infinite scroll? 
  • If we have pagination, then we are making the user use their cognitive part of the brain i.e. we are making the user think about loading another page, whereas with infinite scroll, a user doesn’t need to think they can just keep scrolling

  • Flat Design: Google currently leads the way in this trend - which now sees many brands following suite and using rich, but subtle, animations in their web designs to enhance UX

  • Using Fonts as Graphics: This is an actual thing; it is now possible to make graphic from icon-based fonts (like Wingdings) and use them on the web. Personally, I think this one of the most exciting trends for this year, and one that we already use for a number of our clients' websites (Capita Spec Rec and Service Care Solutions). Not only does this help icons load faster, but it doesn't compromise on resolution and the quality of these graphics

  • Storytelling: This became a bit of buzzword last year, as everyone fussed over what their branding should say and how users responded to brand messaging. Storytelling will continue to dominate, as more and more brands, become conscious of how they come across to potential candidates/customers online

How can we help?

At 4MAT, we create experience rich, fully functional and visually striking websites for employers and agencies, which are designed to provide candidates with a great user experience.

To find out how 4MAT can help create a fully functional website that will drive traffic, increase conversions and create a dynamic online user-experience, please contact our Client Development Team.
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