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Why isn't your content marketing strategy working?

Written by James O'Gorman on 14 Sep 16
Why isn't your content marketing strategy working?
"Content is King".
"The power of content".
"Content marketing".
"Killer Content".
"Google Penguin/Panda/Care Bear/whatever".

These phrases and buzzwords have been thrown at you for the last couple of years now. And, being the forward thinking and dynamic recruitment expert I’m sure you are, you may have already begun to put them into action in your… drumroll please… CONTENT STRATEGY!

Thanks to Google’s algorithm now rewarding high authority content, we can all fully accept that regular content publication is a hugely important part of any successful marketing strategy - but do we all understand exactly why we do it? Is it just a case of “I do it ‘cos Google says I should”? Or should we delve a little deeper and look more closely at things such as who exactly who will read it, why they read it and what type of content you should be creating?

If you’re thinking the latter then please read on!

If I had a tenner for every time I visit the blogs section of a site and see a few blogs posted for January, February and March and then nothing for 6-12 months then I’d be a somewhat richer man than I am today! The recruitment sector in particular is strewn with just such blog sections.

It’s an all too familiar pattern. First, you accept that content needs to be embraced and make a well-intentioned start. But after a while,you find that a) it's difficult to do (blank page syndrome, anyone?) and b) its success is hard to measure.

So, you do what many others have done before you; you just jack it in and start doing things that reap comparatively bigger rewards and that you’re actually really good at. Things such as, oh, I don’t know... Recruiting, for example?

The main reason this happens is because you don’t really know if anybody is even reading your blogs. You’re the very epitome of a busy fool. There are some free tools out there to help you gauge the public reaction, however. For a start, try cutting and pasting the URL of your most recent blog into This will show you exactly how many shares and interactions you’ve had from your blog on all the main social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on. If you have an up-to-date Google Analytics account, you've got a whole other tool at your fingertips to help get into the heads of your audience.

Should you discover that nobody is reading and sharing your content, don’t despair. Whatever you do, don't be discouraged and simply stop creating content. That’s just not an option these days. Instead, try to critique what you're producing and look at WHY nobody is engaging with you. Does the topic suit your target audience, for example? Is it relevant and on-point within your industry and going to grab someone’s attention? Or is it just another “day in the life” blog from yet another recruiter?

All of these things have a huge bearing on whether people will read and engage with your content. Engagement drives authority, promotes thought leadership and creates the SEO holy grail of high-quality back links to your site.

But do you know the most likely reason why your content isn’t being read? It’s because businesses aren’t marketing their content in any way, shape or form once they’ve created it.

Far too many businesses believe that once they’ve created a piece of content and posted it on their site that their work is now done. WRONG! This is when it STARTS. By posting a blog and walking away, what you’ve essentially done is invest in a brand new car but then just put it straight into the garage. So, like the car in my admittedly poor analogy, your content just sits there gathering dust. Wasted. Pointless.

High-quality content has to be pushed on to the people who are hungry for it or you are simply wasting your own time. Make sure to use your social channels and personal networks, use third party sites, industry specific sites, and try to get those high authority back links coming in. You could also consider some form of paid advertising such as Google pay per click (getting clicks to content is far more cost efficient than to live jobs, for example) in order to drive traffic directly to your content from search engines.

All of these things take time, effort and resources and it’s a long-term strategy, not something to try on for a couple of months and then throw away. With that in mind, you may wish to engage with a professional content marketing agency such as 4MAT (we don’t just build the best websites in the business, you know!).

We can provide a full writing and marketing service or we can simply edit and consult on the content you’re creating. Whatever the gaps in your resource, we can fill for you. If you’d like to know more and have a chat about what else you can do with your content strategy as a recruiter, then please give me a call on 07581136253.
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