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Why you should be paying more attention to your CTA

Written by Vicky Jessop on 07 Sep 17
Why you should be paying more attention to your CTA
Your recruitment website needs a dedicated knowledge hub for your blogs and other resources. Not only can it transform your candidate user experience, but it can also help your readers onto the first step of their customer journey. Present your readers with content that is relevant to them and provides value, and you’ll likely boost your conversion rate in the process, whilst providing them with some excellent recruitment online marketing.

The key to making the most of that engagement is a call to action (CTA). In essence, a call to action is an appeal for an immediate response from your audience. When done well, it should encourage your customers to buy or download the product that you’re selling. Many a/b testing websites report that the largest source of tests is down to CTAs, and with good reason: a good CTA can increase your profits and engagement by up to 49%

Calls to action are incredibly versatile, and are a staple of marketing: they can go at the bottom of blogs, to encourage customers to read more or get in touch; they can incite consumers to download the latest product on the market. Despite their promise, however, they’re also incredibly difficult to get right, with only one out of every seven tests making a discernible statistical difference. How can you get it right?

Here are some tips to make sure your CTA stands out.

1. Know what your customers want

The key to writing a call to action that engages customers and makes them want to engage is knowing that they want. Why have they come to your website, and what are you offering them that makes you stand out from your competitors? People have to be given a motivation for responding to your content, so it’s worth doing market research to understand where you fit into the market: are there any gaps in it? Which areas are currently popular, and which aren’t? Once you understand that, you’ll be able to write a relevant call to action that’s both individual and compelling.

2. Stand out

One of the main reasons that people’s calls to action don’t stand out is because they’re small, they’re not very bright, and they don’t draw the eye of the casual viewer. Be bold: choose colours that will make your CTA stand out from the page, and don’t be afraid to make it as large as possible. After all, you want to attract the eye! The call to action should be as clear as possible, and communicate a clear message: for instance, ‘send your CV in’. 

3. Write good copy

Though a call to action can generate a lift in revenue, it’s only as good as the rest of the website, and the most important factor in deciding whether a customer clicks or not is the copy around it. What can you offer the customer to engage them and make them want to buy your product? Be engaging, and offer information relevant to the market and the product you want to sell, whether it’s a job application or a service. If you have any free trials, make sure to advertise this- it’s always good to provide your customers with value.
If you want that extra bit of excitement, add a relevant background photo too. 

4. Measure the results

One of the most important things you can do with your calls to action is test them. Given that only one in seven are actually successful, it pays to do several rounds of a/b testing before releasing a CTA onto the market, and keep monitoring its success over the following months. If you change the copy, don’t forget to change the call to action. Make sure it’s still relevant, and use sites like Google Analytics to ensure that it’s still drawing traffic.

Whether attracting potential candidates or attracting customers to buy your product, calls to action can provide an invaluable boost to your recruitment marketing strategy, candidate engagement and statistics. Though calls to action invariably involve a good deal of testing, a solid knowledge of the market, a good design and compelling copy will stand you in good stead when it comes to getting yourself noticed. 

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