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Emma Smith

Content Marketing Manager
Emma Smith, Content Marketing Manager, 4MAT
Emma Smith
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Emma is relatively new to the United Kingdom, having left the beautiful but very small shores of New Zealand in April 2015. 

Before arriving at 4MAT, she worked as a fulltime freelance content writer and copywriter while also embarking on a brief career as a semi-professional dog sitter. Her role at 4MAT involves the creation and management of a range of internal and external content with plenty of client interaction.

Emma’s previous experience includes working as a Senior Content Writer at a large New Zealand content marketing agency, where she was 
responsible for the production of a huge volume of content as well as mentoring newer writers.


Cricket, fried chicken and nuggets, dogs, late 90s-early 2000s R’n’B, salt ‘n’ vinegar chips (I will never call them crisps), gin


Fancy seafood, dawdling, rudeness

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