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Attracting and sourcing the best talent

Employers cannot expect to source the brightest talent without a robust candidate attraction strategy. Passive and active jobseekers pose unique challenges respectively, and require tailored solutions to drive engagement and applications: solutions that we can offer.


A successful recruitment campaign hinges on the strength of your brand. Attracting candidates in a passive candidate-driven market requires a unified theme to bring the brand to life, tell your story and prove your proposition. Our Creative team will ensure your message is consistent and on-brand across the website and all marketing and advertising channels, guaranteeing a seamless candidate experience from first point of contact through to the application process.

On average, the creative assets we conceive and deliver return a click-through rate 10 times higher than industry standard. Why? We take the time to generate eye-catching, engaging adverts for an audience we have been researching tirelessly since 1999. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at the seamless branding we built into Vodafone's careers website.

Digital Advertising

Targeted Advertising

Delivering an evidence-led blend of behavioural, contextual, demographic, geographic and keyword targeting and retargeting campaigns, 4MAT maximises employers’ ability to reach quality candidates. Through strategic purchasing of anonymous cookie data, we can target an audience where they actually are, rather than where they may or may not be. We continually optimise campaigns against agreed objectives to ensure sustained focus, pace of delivery and, ultimately, quality conversions.


4MAT optimises career websites for organic Indeed listings, while also monitoring and managing campaigns on behalf of our clients. 4MAT manages a significant annual Indeed budget on behalf of clients, meaning they can tap into a strongly preferential relationship to further drive campaign performance.

Google AdWords

4MAT has been running successful Google AdWords campaigns for longer than many of our clients have been in existence. Our month-by-month, location-specific advertising drives talent attraction campaigns to higher levels of conversions at the lowest-possible rates thanks to our extensive keyword planning research that underpins every campaign.

Google for Jobs

Our smart careers website platform works with your ATS to deliver a seamless integration that ensures your jobs will not be hidden in your ATS. Furthermore, all of our pages are optimised for SEO, which in turn means that you'll stand a much higher chance of ranking on Google for Jobs- which, in turn, increases the chance of attracting high levels of candidate traffic.

Find out more about optimising your website for Google for Jobs with our latest eBook.

Content Outreach

Our recruitment specialist Content Team develop content campaigns that result in a holistic SEO and candidate attraction strategy. By utilising content outreach networks, alongside native advertising and social media promotion, our clients engage their target audiences in their preferred destinations, bring their brand to life and drive more conversions.

Social Media Engagement

Social media plays an increasingly-vital component in end-to-end candidate attraction strategies. With 67% of employers citing social media as their primary area for improvement in their recruitment process, there is scope to engage your pool of candidates and steal a march on your competitors.

We run highly-targeted organic and paid client campaigns on established networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to build an audience, drive traffic to the website and generate quality applications. At 4MAT, we consult with clients on how to extract maximum value from networks such as Glassdoor and Twitter to bring new levels of candidate engagement in this nascent market. This is how we're able to create careers websites like Harrods, which can engage candidates seamlessly with social media and them take them directly to their careers website with targeted posts.

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