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Building your employer brand

Against a backdrop of economic growth, sourcing new talent has become increasingly competitive. Alarmingly, 93% of CEOs have acknowledged their talent strategy needs to change, yet 61% have not yet taken action.

A clear message to employers is emerging: develop your brand, and develop it quickly.


An effective employee value proposition will help you attract and recruit the best talent. But it can do so much more. A well-crafted EVP can improve commitment of new hires by 30%. Moreover, the link between employee engagement, productivity and performance is clear.

Building the brand

The experience you provide candidates with is at the heart of your employer brand. With the majority of that candidate experience taking place online, your digital brand matters. 4MAT’s digital-only experience of the recruitment and talent market will provide you with a unique insight into what works – and what doesn’t.

Discover your EVP

Every organisation has an employer brand whether they realise it or not. Our modular, tried-and-tested methodology will ensure that you build an EVP that works, and help you to bring it to life at every touchpoint throughout the candidate and employee experience.

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