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Digital Recruitment Marketing

In addition to our market-leading smart careers website platform, Attrax, 4MAT has a number of services that can help employers attract and source the best talent. These services will form part or all of your digital attraction strategy and fall into five main categories:

Search Engine Optimisation

An effective SEO strategy will increase your organic traffic from Google by improving website quality and relevancy, as we did with npower. The SEO Team at 4MAT identify your target audience, their locations, sectors and browsing preferences. We'll create a list of key words and phrases aimed at generating more application to your jobs and more views of your content. An effective SEO strategy is based on improving page rank, content quality and, ultimately, delivering a competitive edge. Our SEO team work in tandem with our recruitment content marketers to ensure a sustained focus and measurable return on investment.

Content Marketing

Content can only be effective when part of a wider digital marketing strategy. We don’t create content without agreeing who it is targeted at, how it will support SEO and how we intend to promote it via social media and paid networks. Well-crafted content does not just generate candidate engagement (though ours does this very well) but brings a brand to life and drives CVs and applications through a careers website. Quality matters and 4MAT is proven to deliver.

Find out how we've worked on npower's Content Marketing to deliver a seamless candidate experience that engages candidates, especially for their Graduate Schemes.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising presents a huge opportunity for employers to improve conversion rates and engage with the passive jobseeker. 4MAT’s digital advertising campaigns employ a bespoke mix of behavioural, contextual, demographic, geographic and keyword targeting, as well as retargeting existing website users to maximise relevant reach. Through a continual optimisation process, our recruitment advertising campaigns only improve in performance rather than wane over time.

We also deploy Indeed and Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on behalf of our clients to drive traffic and CVs through a careers website. These campaigns are optimised daily and are hyper-targeted down to keyword, job title and location, generating minimal wastage and maximum performance.

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using techniques such as heat-mapping and conversion funnels—common in online retail—we identify under-performing pages or processes on a careers website. Just one month after setting up tracking on a careers website, our user experience team can provide granular insight and make incremental improvements to a website, making it easier for the best candidates to reach their chosen destination.

In a world where job hunting is becoming ever more similar to online shopping, discover how we created a website with Travis Perkins that is optimised for a fast, easy candidate experience.

Social Media Marketing

85% of the UK's population has a social media account, and 79% of job seekers use social media to look for their next job. Using social media in the recruitment process is a core concern for 67% of HR and resourcing teams, yet only 12% have an official budget and track a return on investment. The methodologies 4MAT employ already account for ROI and we have delivered a substantial improvement in applications and conversions via social media for forward-thinking clients. 

Find out how we did just this with Harrods, which recently won an ONREC Award for the Best Corporate Use of Online Recruitment.

It starts with 4MAT

Our unique understanding of the digital recruitment landscape means we provide results for our clients time after time. Our flexible approach means we cater for varying budgets and deliver to specific requirements, rather than providing rigid packages that do not consider your unique needs.

If a sudden recruitment drive presents itself, we will adapt and reallocate time and resource rather than demand new purchases. Your priority is our priority and our wealth of knowledge in digital recruitment marketing is yours to take advantage of.

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