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Our Recruitment Platform

Legend says that Julius Caesar ran a referral bonus in the Roman army. While the fundamentals haven’t changed, the method has. Caesar didn’t benefit from advanced tracking from source to hire but times have changed and the possibilities have grown to new heights.

Introducing DV4

DV4 makes marketing easy for resourcing teams. Jobs and content are automatically optimised for SEO while we track candidate conversion and source points to find out precisely what your candidates are interested in and what makes them apply for roles.

A unique approach

It could be a website that learns its visitors’ favourite type of jobs and content, without the need to register. Or it could be the development of recruiters’ profiles that rank first in Google on name alone. The visibility we provide employers with enables employers to engage with top talent and stay front of mind when it matters.

Smarter attraction

4MAT’s data-driven approach extends to individual recruiters, teams and regions, enabling a true process of continual improvement. Imagine if you knew your New York based team’s job advert generated 30% more conversions than the London team. A simple A/B test would reveal if the same method worked in London and provide unparalleled insight into your company’s resourcing best practice. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Our clients

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