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Increasing engagment with your existing candidates

Finding applicants, conducting interviews and assessing candidates is a time-consuming endeavour. Utilising a pool of existing talent will speed up hiring and reduce long-term resourcing fees. 4MAT provides the necessary means to build, manage and engage quality candidates to solve the challenges of long-term hiring.

Brand Development

A strong employee value proposition (EVP) will engage the best candidates through setting yourself apart from the competition. 4MAT’s website and branding projects tell your story throughout the candidate experience – from the very first interaction.

A solid technical platform

Managing an existing database of candidates can be difficult and unintuitive. Resorting to external hiring services results in higher costs and can lead to an increased risk of first-year attrition. 4MAT can offer impartial advice on how to get the most out of your candidate database, or you can use our own candidate segmentation facility built into DV4 for candidate searches.

Engage to engage

Brand strength and technical capability lay the platform, but genuine engagement comes from true innovation. 4MAT’s Social Hub delivers personalised content to candidates – without the need to register. Based on a candidate’s location and area of interest, relevant content is pulled through on web pages to provide a unique candidate experience. Through this, engagement and applications surpass expectation and candidates build trust on a personal level.

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