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Four Seasons Recruitment

The Aim

As a luxury fashion recruitment agency, Four Seasons Recruitment pride themselves on their expert knowledge of the industry but wanted to promote and enhance their reputation as frontrunners and thought leaders within fashion recruitment.

Four Seasons Recruitment wanted to focus on pushing boundaries with their new website, creating a design that reflected the high-end luxury fashion market, whilst also remaining practical, functional and easy for the average jobseeker to navigate. They wanted to deliver something that no other fashion recruiter had seen before in the look and feel of the website, combining a great design with a platform that would let them stay ahead in the market. They also wanted to improve on their current 7% conversion rate. They were therefore the perfect client for 4MAT’s smart recruitment website platform, Attrax.

The Method

Four Seasons Recruitment had the benefit of receiving all the functionality that 4MAT had built into Attrax such as, personalisation and a lightning fast Total Search which offers up jobs and content in real time as the user types- thereby offering the user blog content as well as jobs to further cement Four Seasons Recruitment status as a thought leader in the industry.

Alongside this, the website’s layout was also carefully designed to make the most of Four Seasons Recruitment consultants. They wanted to promote their people in the same way as a high-end fashion eCommerce website; to this end, jobs all prominently feature the recruiter in charge of the role, making it easy for clients and candidates to get in touch with the right person.

The whole site was also given a carefully branded update: drawing inspiration from fashion leaders like Harrods, Marie Claire and Vogue, the design was slick, fashionable and marked Four Seasons Recruitment clearly as a company who knew the fashion industry inside out.

The Results

Since the website went live on 11th December 2017, Four Seasons Recruitment have seen a marked upswing in both Google organic traffic and CVs generated. Google organic is up 50% and conversions are up a massive 366% giving the business access to more candidates than ever before.

Their two main objectives for the new website were to establish their position as a frontrunner in the fashion recruitment sector and replicate the look of a luxury eCommerce website. They certainly achieved this, with excellent reviews for their website, and an average 22% conversion rate. Now, on their new recruitment website platform, Attrax, they can attract the best candidates with a cutting-edge site that will stay ahead of the market for years to come

Explore the new Four Seasons Recruitment website here.

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