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After much fanfare, Google for Jobs was finally launched in the UK on 17th July. Its launch will undoubtedly transform the face of recruiting as we know it, both for agency recruiters and for in-house recruiters, especially given that it's poised to thrust the careers website into the spotlight. But what is it, and how can you prepare for it? 

Make the most of our expert insights with our eBook on Google for Jobs.


For In-House Recruiters

Aimed at addressing the latest issues in the industry, the eBook for In-House Recruiters will tackle everything that employers need to know. Google for Jobs represents a massive opportunity for companies to make the most of their careers websites, taking the power away from job aggregators and job boards and giving the visibility to you. From taking control of your ATS to addressing and improving SEO, here are some pointers for doing just that.

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For Recruitment Consultancies

Still advertising your vacancies on job boards? You shouldn't be: Google for Jobs represents a huge change for recruitment agencies, giving the visibility to recruitment websites instead of job boards. Drawing on years of experience within the recruitment industry, and our in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by recruitment consultancies, as well as the way that Google for Jobs will impact it, this eBook contains what you need to know about Google's latest project- and how to prepare for it.

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Attracting organic traffic to your careers website
Attracting organic traffic to your careers website
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