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Google for Jobs eBook: For Recruitment Consultancies

Google for Jobs was launched in June last year and it’s been on the horizon for UK recruiters for quite some time. Its launch will undoubtedly transform the face of recruiting as we know it, both for recruitment consultancies and for in-house recruiters. But what is it, and how can you prepare for it?

Drawing on years of experience within the recruitment industry, and our in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by recruitment consultancies, as well as the way that Google for Jobs will impact it, this eBook will aim to address all of your questions and more, covering:

  1. What is Google for Jobs?
  2. Google's functionality
  3. The impact that Google for Jobs will have on the recruitment industry
  4. How can I show up on Google for Jobs?
  5. And more...

Written by our team of experience recruitment marketing experts, our eBook reveals exactly what you need to know about this latest recruitment trend. If you have any more questions, then why not chat to one of our team?

Call us on 020 7247 9494- or contact for more.

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