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The Aim

Harnham is a global leader in Data and Analytics recruitment, whose website deals with thousands of job applications and browsers every day. They therefore need a recruitment website capable of combining great features with the functionality required to process vast amounts of data.

Harnham wanted to move forwards with a cutting-edge, marketing leading candidate offering that would keep them ahead of the competition for years to come. With a working relationship stretching back six years, 4MAT was a trustworthy partner and an innovative force that Harnham knew would be able to deliver a solid, reliable platform.

Why Attrax?

Hot off the press, Attrax was the perfect next step in 4MAT’s commitment to innovation. With brand-new code, and brand-new architecture, Harnham liked how fresh and different it was. As a SaaS product, it was something that could evolve, and that they could have a hand in changing and developing themselves, especially as the CMS was so easy to use that consultants could create their own pages, should they need to. Harnham’s management liked the creative freedom offered by Attrax: the opposite of formulaic, the flexibility offered by Attrax would let Harnham create a webstite that was unique to them.

Attrax’s functionality and ‘mobile-first’ approach also appealed to Harnham’s desire to evolve their candidate user experience: Total Search was a completely new, super-fast experience that they felt would better signpost their content and jobs at the same time, whilst the ‘social hub’ would offer them that all-important visibility in Google.

The Results

In the first four months since the site went live, the success of the new Attrax websites - both in America and in the UK - has been clear to see. Traffic has increased significantly over the last few months partly driven by more traffic from Google. More importantly, the site’s conversion rate has increased from 16% to 25%, an objective key to the success of the new website and one that the team at Harnham wanted to focus on.

This means their consultants have access to more CVs then ever before. At the same time, the ease of use and new focus on content has also motivated Harnham’s own recruitment consultants to take more ownership of their content, writing and posting articles in addition to managing their roles.

Take a look at Harnham’s website here.

Find out more about Attrax for recruiters here.

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